Don adds an inexpensive clip-on LED lamp to his Icom IC-705

Many thanks to Don (W7SSB) who shares the following notes about a small LED book lamp he’s added to his IC-705 and Peovi cage:

This is a book lamp from Amazon that uses 3 AAA’s and costs $8.99.

It has 3 brightness settings and clips onto the Peovi cage.

It really brightens up the radio in a dark room.

Click here to check it out on Amazon (affiliate link).

Thank you for sharing this, Don!  That’s a clever use for that book lamp. I’ve often thought that all field radios ought to have a logging lamp on them like the KX1. This is a nice and inexpensive workaround!

3 thoughts on “Don adds an inexpensive clip-on LED lamp to his Icom IC-705”

  1. Nice light, I will get one. thanks

    I have a small desk type light that folds down/up also, use at Field Day and other over night events. Also a small flash light on rope around your neck is helpful, at your finger tips.

    Most of my QRP events are on nice sunny mornings, but always good to have lighting.

    73, ron, n9ee

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