The new Yaesu FT-710 AESS: More features and specifications emerge!

Yesterday, I posted a note about the new Yaesu FT-710, but we had no meaningful information about the radio’s specs and features.

Today, Yaesu dealers are publishing information and some are taking pre-sale orders.

It appears the FT-710 AESS will start shipping in late September 2022. Final price is still unknown.

Here’s what ML&S have published:

YAESU is excited to announce a new HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver – FT-710 AESS.

The new FT-710 AESS is a compact design yet provides 100W output, utilizing the advanced digital RF technology introduced in the FTDX101 and FTDX10 series.

A few of the remarkable features of the new FT-710 AESS are:

  • YAESU Unmatched SDR technology emphasizes the Receiving Performance
  • Band Pass Filters dedicated for the amateur bands to eliminate out-of-band unwanted signals
  • RF Front-End design with the 250MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) enables phenomenal Multi-Signal Receiving Characteristics
  • QRM rejection by the dual core 32-bit high speed floating decimal point DSP for SHIFT/ WIDTH/ NOTCH/CONTOUR/ APF (Audio Peak Filter)/ DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)/ NB (Noise Blanker) and 3-Stage Parametric Equalizer
  • High Resolution 4.3-inch TFT Color Touch Panel Display
  • 3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream)
  • VMI LED (VFO Mode Indicator) placed around the VFO dial shows the current operating mode (VFO-A, VFOB, Memory Mode and Clarifier/Split Operation)
  • “PRESET” Mode Function most suitable for FT8 Operation
  • AESS: Acoustic Enhanced Speaker System with SP-40 creates the high-fidelity audio output#
  • External Display Connection Terminal (DVI-D)
  • Built-in High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner with 100 channel memory
  • Support the FC-40 Auto Antenna Tuner
  • SD Memory Card can be used to save the communication record, transceiver setting, the memory contents, screen capture images, and to update the firmware
  • Two (2) USB Ports (Type-A and Type-B)
  • Other essential features such as CW ZIN and SPOT, IPO (Intercept Point Optimization), and Remote Operation with Network Remote Control System to name a few


TX Frequency Range:

  • 1.8MHz band – 50MHz band (Amateur bands only)
  • 70MHz – 70.5MHz (UK Amateur bands only)

RX Frequency Range:

  • 30KHz – 75MHz (Operating)
  • 1.8MHz – 29.699999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)
  • 50MHz – 53.999999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)
  • 70MHz – 70.499999MHz (Specified performance, UK Amateur bands only)

Emission Modes: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB/USB), F3E(FM)

Supply Voltage: DC13.8V ±15%

Power Output: 5 – 100W (5 – 25W AM Carrier)

Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.4” x 3.1” x 9.7” (239 x 80 x 247mm)

Weight (Approx.): 9.92lbs (4.5kg)

44 thoughts on “The new Yaesu FT-710 AESS: More features and specifications emerge!”

      1. So why didn’t they just say that? USB doesn’t guarantee there is a sound card. It could just be for rig control.

        1. The logic means that when there is a USB type B port, it is a communication port to go to a PC, as on all the brand’s transceivers which are equipped with it.
          If you already had the latest generation YAESU, you would know.

    1. In my opinion, you are better off using a dedicated external sound card interface unless you intend to never turn off the radio, because Windoze tends to make a ‘USB audio codec’ that it suddenly sees the ‘default sound device’ and send all audio through it.

    2. yes it has and with usb lead can operate ft8 and more once the drivers (from yaesu have been loded into computer. Simple as that.

  1. I don’t get super lost in the specs as some are irrelevant in real world conditions, but I wonder if this is an FTDX10 replacement as component changes were needed due to availability issues or will this come in at a lower price point to more directly compete with the IC-7300? More of a solid, new, first radio at a reasonable price to give new hams up to date tech to start with.

    1. I think it’s not a replacement to the FTDX-10. Since they have not put it in the FTDX line, I expect this to be marketed as an entry-level rig, competing more with the FT-991A. If they discontinue the FT-991A, I would hope they come out with something else for all-mode VHF and UHF.

  2. I think my previous post was pretty much spot-on. This radio is the replacement for the Yaesu FT-450D, with lots of new technology and the addition of the 4m band for the European market.

    This radio is designed to make legacy/used equipment, un attractive/devalued to ‘new’ purchasers.

    This new product will stop sales of 2nd hand FT-450D’s from eroding sales of NEW radio equipment. The lack of an internal ATU will be an issue for some However the FC-40 ATU is compatible,

    I think Yaesu have played it ‘safe’ by doing this. Now they need to come up with a FT818 replacement, maybe next year???

    Stephen G7VFY

    1. Steve,

      Good point about replacement for FT450, not for FT991A although I can see it taking over sales of it. FT991A having VHF and UHF is a big plus.

      The FT710 specs says it has built in ATU.

      This does appear to be a reduced size FTDX10, maybe to appeal to mobile use.

      73, ron, n9ee

    2. No it has an internal ATU. Worth downloading the manual from Yaesu which hopefully answers all questions. Waiting for mine from ML&S

  3. According to Martin Lynch Web site, they state is has a built in ATU

    No sign of wifi/ethernet connection. Personally, I was hoping for an FT991a replacement

    1. it will come, for now it’s just a replacement for the FT-450D in the range below 1000€

  4. What a waste of time! People want a NEW 991 for goodness sake. What’s the point of having the 710, 10 and 101 when they pretty much do the same thing??

    Yaesu need to update that WAY OUT OF DATE 991A and offer an alternative to Icom’s amazingly fantastic 705.

    Well that’s my opinion, anyway.

    73, Tom, M7MCQ.

  5. I just ordered from HRO Florida a FTDX10, be here tomorrow I hope.

    I would not care for the FT710 over the FTDX10 because I will be using it as a base station.

    I dont see much advantage of the fT710 except maybe it being smaller would work better for mobile use. Does look like a very nice rig. It should cost less than the FTDX10.

    73, ron, n9ee

    1. Able to connect another computer monitor direct to stand on top which should make for a great base station as well as versatility of using it portable/mobile.

  6. I am waiting with bated breath for the FT-710M, which is what I think a 50 watt max output radio.
    When I operate portable, I mostly operate with 5 watts out. If the band conditions are bad I’ll operate at 40 watts out. Turning the power down to either of those power levels using a 100 watt type radio, the current drain is way too high. If the radio is designed for only 50 watts out, going down to 40 watts, or even leaving the radio at the 50 watt level, the current drain is a lot less than what a 100 watt radio draws when you turn its power down.
    Bottom line, this may be a great radio for a dual purpose QRP / Medium power radio for operating portable.
    …….and now I wait.

    Barry, KU3X

    1. Indeed,

      They got the market right with the 817 & 991
      Why can’t we have a 50 watt radio with all the bands but low rx/tx consumption the 705 isn’t a field radio, I use a KX2-818 combo for all the bands as they are slightly more rugged – got the 599 but it’s been back to the emporium twice and replaced once doesn’t like rf & the audio chips keep failing if operated with an Alex loop.
      I’d hoped Xiegu would venture into the V/U market but not yet.

  7. gutted ,I’ve been waiting for another radio to come out,i thought their asnt been much for the lack of chips,seems yeasu know where to get them from and to be fair I’m a little disappointed,
    I was expecting a new kenwood this year,sdr to replace the ts2000 with 23cm built in ,not sure if its worth it,same as the new ftm200
    that’s a waste of time.

    1. Don’t expect anything new from Kenwood. They are having all they can do to maintain their presence in the Mobile vhf/uhf commercial stuff and a rehash of the TMD74. Their primary HF designer retired early last year and they have been MUM about any new toys. I have a TS2Kx and won’t part with it strickly for the vhf/uhf capability. The IC705 is a very nice low power radio and if you spend any time at all with one you will want to take it home. Works great portable for POTA/SOTA/QRP in the field. I espect someone will come up with a HF/VHF/UHF 100W amp w tuner for home station use. Probably with LDMOS finals and internal switching supply. I guess we just wait and see. Best 72, 73 Mike K7DD

  8. I don’t see this as the replacement for the FT-991A, or even threatening the FTDX-10. Instead I see this supplanting the FT-891 in Yaesu’s lineup. I think I agree with those who say this could be Yaesu’s new ‘full featured entry level’ HF rig, but we’ll have to see how it’s priced, and what gets pulled from the Yaesu line when it’s released. The footprint of this rig (based on the published specs) is actually larger than the FT-991A, so it’s no diminutive little mobile. But what are they doing internally with all that space, if there’s no VHF/UHF section?

  9. DVI? Really? I mean, it’s a fine spec … for 2010. Weird they didn’t go with HDMI (or the mini version)

    1. DVI-D no manufacturer license and low video component cost.
      HDMI, expensive license and more expensive processing components

  10. This device is intended for small budgets, those who bought the FT-450D, they can thus have at a lower price than the FTdx10 and the IC7300 (whose price has increased), a station with much better performance than had the FT-450D, and equivalent to the FTdx10/101D/MP.
    Easy to use, compact, powerful.
    Everything that ICOM did with the 7300 when it was released, but which is aging and no longer justifies the displayed price.
    Admittedly YAESU is a little behind on this segment, they took the opposite step of making a high end with the 101, then down to the medium range with the 10, now that the technique (I’m not talking about the software part ) is really mastered (Hybrid SDR), the 710 arrive so that all Hams can benefit from it.
    This probably announces the release in a few months or next year of a possible replacement for the FT-991A or the release of a VHF/UHF on the same technology.

    Best 73 – F5PNI

    1. It does not have the FT8, but as on the FTdx10 and the FTdx-101 a direct access by a single key for a pre-established configuration of operation set for the FT8

  11. I’ll bet it is direct sampling. No roofing filters. Direct digital synthesizer. Made to compete with the ic7300.

  12. Hola saludos para todos bueno observo aquí que están hablando del 450 ya sea la versión que sea y la verdad que me parece sorprendente que hablen de una plataforma y de un equipo ya descatalogado que no tiene nada nada en absoluto que ver con la serie ft de los del ftdx10 y el FT nuevo que son equipos con pantallas táctiles y estamos hablando de otra historia ya el ft450 es otra historia de catalogada repito no mezclen cosas que no tienen nada que ver. El 450.nunca tendrá sustituto murió y punto ahora estos equipos son pantallas SDR en tiempo real.ojo.vine de te era un Ic7300.y ase un año tengo ftDx10 .y tuve el 450 su última versión con acoplador .muy buen equipo con pantalla y grandes números .la única pega fue su ecualizador predeterminado .no se podía poner parámetros como otros de Yaesu .ahora con este equipo que saca Yaesu a este precio creo que ofrece una ventana al que tiene poco presupuesto y no quiere invertir mucho .pasa como con el 7300 pagas lo que tienes y ellos ofrecen por lo que pagas .pero está un par de puntos por encima del 7300 .poder poner un monitor externo y teclado y ratón facilita mucho .el no tener que poner los dedos en pantalla . Acordaron ay 2 versiónes más otra de 50w y otra de 10 .veremos precios si llegan a Europa tardarán un poco .suerte Alós próximos compradores .

    1. Votre commentaire est inutile.
      Quand on indique un “remplacement” du FT-450, pour exemple, c’est pour indiquer un niveau de gamme de produits. Ce pourrait être aussi dans l’évolution du FT-950 ou ftdx -1200, voyez vous ce que je veux dire ?
      Que ce soit en terme de prix que de caractéristiques d’utilisation plus abordable.
      Et nullement un remplacement à l’identique d’un produit, d’ailleurs quel intérêt !!!
      Pour exemple le FT-450D est venu remplacer le FT890at, le ft-757, le FT 747…
      Bref, à chaque fois une évolution s’est annoncée et à permis à de nouveaux clients ou à des clients possédant d’anciennes plateformes de pouvoir bénéficier dans la même gamme de produits et de prix d’un matériel plus performant et qui possède de nouvelles technologies.
      Je vois par contre des commentaires sur le mobile avec la concurrence du FT -710 et le FT-891, avez vous bien regardé les dimensions, les caractéristiques matérielles entre les deux ?

      Franchement, il ne faut pas dire tout et n’importe quoi…

  13. According to Yaesu the FT710 is NOT a replacement for any Yaesu radio available today.

    However, no one has said anything about direct competition with the Icom IC-7300.

    I have radios specific for VHF/UHF and would like to think the FT710 fills the gap I need rather than buy a technology old IC-7300.

    If it is sold in the UK for less than £999 ex-vat then I will be ordering one.

    73s all, G1DYL

  14. The FT-450 D I just purchased 2nd hand because I want an inexpensive radio to use in my sitting room connected to the Chameleon MPAS 2.0. I just want a simple to operate radio with buttons and no menus for common functions or as little as possible.

    I am currently using the 891 as a 2nd radio in my sitting room but not doing so much portable operating now so when I use it as much as I do it can be a pain with all the menus when using it so much, for portable use it’s fine, the receiver and audio quality are really good via headphones and because I never operate far from the car if I do go portable the 450D will still do the job.

    Why can’t they make a radio with all the knobs and buttons and just have a monitor out for those who want the screen ? it’s not rocket science is it ? just make the radios nicer to operate.

    I love my FTDX-10, the receiver and the audio is just amazing but ergonomics suffer, they don’t have the space for buttons like the FTDX-101, the 101 is, in my opinion, how the FTDX-10 should be laid out and a little screen for frequency and s-meter etc. Then plug in monitor for the waterfall and menus but all the essentials are there on the radio.

    The TS-590 SG is an example of another great radio to operate and it has IF out so you can connect your own SDR and have a proper waterfall in proper high resolution, why can’t it be like this ? There’s even a button for USB/LSB and one for FM/AM, how sweet is this ?

  15. I would rather have the Yaesu FTdx-10 because it has de-coding of CW and RTTY it’s a big plus for me!

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