Jay recommends checking your local library for Practical Wireless

Many thanks to Jay (VE3JLO) who writes:

Hello Thomas

Many libraries have online access to hundreds of magazines.

I came across Practical Wireless which originates in the UK. It differs somewhat from ARRL’s QST in that it has articles that speak to basic electronic theory along with what I am accustomed to with QST, reviews, news, contesting etc.

Further I found CQ magazine. I thought this might be of interest to fellow QRP subscribers. Thank you Thomas for inspiring me and so many other radio amateurs. 73

Jay Orchard VE3JLO

Thank you for the tip, Jay!

You’re right: Practical Wireless is an excellent magazine. I’ve been a reader since my days of living in the UK. I used to be able to buy it at news/magazine stands.

Like you, I’m able to read it on my laptop or tablet via my library’s online publication portal. 

5 thoughts on “Jay recommends checking your local library for Practical Wireless”

  1. I read my first Practical Wireless magazine in 1959 where it was available quite widely in magazine shops. Since 2009 I have been a monthly subscriber. It is the only commercially available Amateur Radio magazine published in the UK and has been going since 1932.

  2. Any links to a library(s) that would have this? My local library doesn’t. Thanks.
    .. Joe (K1VDZ)

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