Update: A few more details about the new Xiegu G106 QRP transceiver

Yesterday, I posted some photos of the new Xiegu G106 transceiver.

Since then, I’ve been getting a few updates from my friend as, I assume, Xiegu releases preliminary info.

This is the latest illustration (click to enlarge):

You can see Xiegu is certainly eyeing the park and summit activators out there.

They’re also touting digital mode operation and I’ll have to assume this means the radio has an internal sound card which would certainly simplify a field-portable digi mode kit.

I was originally told that the G106 had six bands, but this image implies 80-10 meters including the WARC bands. We’ll have to verify this once the production marketing information is released. Since this is the 2022 Hamvention weekend, we could be learning more int he next couple of days.

I’ll continue to post updates here on QRPer.com. Bookmark the tag G106 if interested.

Oh yeah, I do hope there are some fold-out feet or a bail hiding under that G106 chassis!

20 thoughts on “Update: A few more details about the new Xiegu G106 QRP transceiver”

  1. Hello Thomas,

    As a frequent POTA activator, I don’t find the CB radio-type form factor to be the most convenient. I like the controls on top: ie, KX-1/2/3, TR-35, MTR-series, SW-3B, mcHF, IC-705 (sort of) etc.

    It’ll be interesting to learn the specs of this rig.

    John AE5X

      1. Except for the top mount speaker, it sure does look like a mobile rig more than a POTA/SOTA rig.

        In fact – looks like there is a seam around the face a la Yaesu 891 and others, could that be a removable control head? Stay tuned…

  2. How many iterations of firmware will it take before it is a stable, full functioning rig? We can only hope…

  3. Happy to give Xiegu more money, if they would just finish development on one before going to the next. I’ve tried them all, and the G90 has been the best. I’m done after the X6100 came out, mediocre radio at best! IMO

    1. I was done right after I bought a GSOC for my G90 and lost functionality while doubling my cost de K8MH

  4. As an early adopter of the X1M which was cute but fragile with no support, I do hope that this new Xiegu carries on the more recent losoitive quality trends with their products. One of my QRP stable is an X5105 which does a very good job and is built like a tank!

    Concur also with the comments about layout, I too prefer the KX1/KX2 layout (having those too), Xiegu got that right with the X5105. Interesting design copy of the tuning dial from the Elad FDM-DUO.

    Price undoubtedly will be a factor as they will be competing with the USDR brigade – hopefully it will have a good USP and a good price!

    Do I need one? No. Do I want one? Not at present! Certainly interested to see how this goes.

    Richard M0RGM

  5. After using my TX500 for last several months I’d be hard pressed to go back to 817 style front panel w/controls on the front as opposed to having them facing up or on “top” where the operator can see them easily! …wGØAT

    1. I can relate. Top-mounted controls improve field ergonomics by orders of magnitute!
      Glad you’re liking the TX-500. Planning to put mine on the air here in WV later today. Got to find and set up camp first, though!

  6. Meh. I agree with the “how many iterations of software before it is stable.” comment.

    “Trail Friendly” form factor was a thing not that long ago. My SW3B got it right – and works like a champ.

    I don’t know why a larger outfit like Xiegu **fails** so often on the important parts – like tech documentation, leaving tech support to a user community. must be a company culture thing….

    This will have to be really cheap – err, inexpensive to attract the SOTA/POTA crowd IMO.


  7. xiegu customers are basically beta testers for hardware released with work-in-progress firmware… many orphaned rigs and gear in the xiegu line… no more xiegu for me, especially after i got my tx-500

  8. It seems a sort of catch 22. The radios are put on the market before their perfected and hams but them up and then regret the purchase. But, by purchasing the radio in Beta form, it gives the company money to work on development. So, do we quit buying half finished radios or keep throwing money their way to develope them more fully? Such a quandary…

  9. Exploring returning to ham radio after retirement I first got the G90, then got the XPA125B amp. I can do portable and base station QRP & 100 watt operation using their great internal antenna tuners while using many different antennas for just over $1K. The G106 looks interesting as a light weight portable if its price is about half of the G90.

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