Photos of a new Xiegu G106 HF transceiver [updated]

A friend who works in the amateur radio industry has shared the following photos and given me permission to post them.

These are images of the Xiegu G106 HF transceiver (click to enlarge):

As a field operator, one thing I noticed immediately are the protrusions around the faceplate that protect the encoder and what I assume in a multi-function knob. The form-factor seems to be roughly that of the Xiegu G90 (even smaller) with a backlit LCD display that resembles the Xiegu X5105 (only, again, much smaller).

I’m assured this isn’t vaporware, and I have to assume we’ll learn a lot more about the G106 soon.

The front panel is incredibly simple, so I must assume it’ll reply on menus for filter control, etc.

I have no other details at this point. When I learn more about the Xiegu G106, I’ll post updates here on

Xiegu G1M replacement

Update (17 May 2022): I’ve just learned that the Xiegu G106 is the replacement for the Xiegu G1M . It’s sports 6 bands [actually, it might be more according to this update] has 5 watts of output power, and, of course, is SDR based like other Xiegu products. I’ve also learned it can receive wide band FM (hence the FM broadcast band image above).

An additional photo:

I’ll continue to post updates here on Bookmark the tag G106 if interested.

12 thoughts on “Photos of a new Xiegu G106 HF transceiver [updated]”

  1. Neat. Radioddity has a page already on their site, but no other info. Thanks for posting and I wish I could be at Dayton this weekend to see the unveiling!

  2. Interesting. like like they’ve ditched the dodgy 3.5mm Jack sockets which were the downfall of the G1m.

    If only Xiegu included 2m/70cm in one of their new radios, they’d hoover up pretty much all of the current FT-817 market. There’s a huge gap in the market there.

    1. That’s how they roll at Xiegu HQ; Get one product out the door, let the customers beta-test it and gradually iron out the wrinkles over the next two years while releasing another nearly-finished product… rinse and repeat…

      Thankfully, they’re not too bad at ironing.

  3. What will this rig offer the G90 or X6100 already do. Only thing is lower price or direct sampling. And why would a company bring to market a rig competing with their other products.

    Yes Xiegu, fix the X6100 first.

    73, ron, n9ee

  4. Hi Thomas, thanks for the post. Looks very interesting radio, hope they have a SWR meter on this one ?
    73 Steve MW0SAW

  5. Remember Fellow Hams accordingly from the book of OHM’s Law

    “He who Dies with the most Radio’s wins”

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