QRPer Notes: Simon’s World Map Update, RG-316 Assemblies, My-Key-Mouse (USB), and Canary Islands VCAN

Because I receive so many tips from readers here on QRPer, I wanted way to share them in a concise newsletter format.  To that end, welcome to QRPer Notes, a collection of links to interesting stories and tips making waves in the world of radio!

Simon’s World Map

Many thanks to reader, Mike Bott, who notes that Simon’s World Map has been updated to V1.2.3.

Click here to download Simon’s World Map.

RG-316 BNC to BNC assemblies

Don (W7SSB) shares two announcements.

First, he notes that Chameleon Antenna is now selling RG-316 assemblies with in-line RF Choke options and BNC fittings . They have a number of lengths available:


My Key Mouse

Don also notes that CW Morse is now offering a USB-CW keyer/ device interface called the My Key Mouse. Check out the product description:

New for 2022! Morse Code Key to USB Adapter!

Did you know that there is an ever growing list of Software and Apps that allow you to practice and/or learn Morse Code using Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Android and other devices? Truly a great idea, but, if you’ve ever tried using a mouse to send Morse Code, I am sure you’ll agree that it is makeshift at best. But why?

Because It takes the right tools for the job!
To Send Morse Code it takes a Proper Built Key Or Paddle.

Now You can practice with a host of software and apps using your own device!

Click here to read more.

Many thanks to Jesus Alberto de Lorenzo who shares a link to a fascinating field activity based in the Canaries: VCAN — a Volcano program!

Click here for full details.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

5 thoughts on “QRPer Notes: Simon’s World Map Update, RG-316 Assemblies, My-Key-Mouse (USB), and Canary Islands VCAN”

  1. Why RG-316? What makes it better than RG-174?

    I have two 15’ and one 33’ piece of RG-174 along with a 3’ jumper of RG-316. They are both extremely light in weight and small in diameter. The 174 seems to coil up easier for storage in my case than the 316 but that may be because of the shorter length on the 316.



  2. I recently went with CablesOnline on Amazon for 2′ and 25′ RG-316 with straight BNC male connectors for my portable work. Since some of the CHA products are a bit more QRO than my usual work, the integrated chokes might be handy. There’s definitely some margin going on those products more than on Amazon, though.

    1. I would like to know what is actually in their RF chokes. Looks like you could do the same thing with some snap on toroidal from Amazon and some heat shrink tubing.

      But so far I haven’t noticed any problem with RF getting back to the radio with the G90 or the X6100.


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