New Beta Elecraft KX2 and KX3 Firmware

Many thanks to Tony (AE0KW) and Eric (WD8RIF) who note that Elecraft has released new a Beta firmware for the KX3 and KX3 that extends the time before the radio drops to 5W in CW mode:

  • The KX2 release extends CW operating time at 10 W by allowing the supply or battery voltage to go as long as 9.0 V before dropping to 5 W.
  • The KX3 release has the same CW power improvement, as well as a fix to the TX inhibit function of the ACC2 jack.


4 thoughts on “New Beta Elecraft KX2 and KX3 Firmware”

  1. Looks like part of the previous beta release included this nugget


    Possibly for release this spring if the supply chain gods cooperate.

      1. If I read some of the posts by Wayne at Elecraft correctly I believe they’re doing an update to the clock module board (user-installable item) to allow for internal charging, Sounds like a matter of getting all the bits and bobs in stock to do a release.

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