QCX-Mini maiden voyage this morning–!

A YouTube subscriber recently asked when I planned to break in my QCX-Mini 20 meter transceiver and also if I could please announce some of my activations here on QRPer.

I’m doing both this morning!

I plan to do a SOTA activation of Mount Mitchell (W4C/CM-001) and a simultaneous POTA/WWFF activation of  Mount Mitchell State Park (K-2747/KFF-2747) this morning.

I’ll be using my single-band QCX Mini transceiver and, hopefully, pairing it with my PackTenna 20M EFHW, else my trusty MPAS Lite.

I’m not exactly sure what time I’ll be on the air, but I assume between 14:30 – 16:30 UTC (10:30 – 12:30 EDT). Hopefully, the POTA and SOTA networks will auto-spot me, but if not, just check the RBN: http://www.reversebeacon.net/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=0&c=k4swl&t=dx

It’ll be hovering around 32F-36F (0-2C) on the summit and likely a bit windy. Although I usually do well in cold temps, this will be the coldest activation I’ve done in months, so expect some sloppy CW. 🙂

I’ll try to make a video of this activation, but I’m not entirely sure how well it’ll work out. Much will hinge on if I can find my small amplified speaker for the QCX-Mini (which lacks an internal speaker). I’m going to find a spot within the SOTA activation zone to set up, but not on or near the summit observation area as it gets so busy there.

We’ll see how this goes. I am really looking forward to using the QCX-Mini in the field. I’ve used it a bit at the QTH and am incredibly impressed with its performance.

I’ll only be on 20 meters this time (obviously) but hopefully I can at least make enough contacts to validate both the summit and park.


Thomas (K4SWL)

18 thoughts on “QCX-Mini maiden voyage this morning–!”

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Looking forward to your thoughts – currently awaiting delivery of the same radio.

    Richard M0RGM

    1. Hi, Richard,

      I plan to write up a full review of the QCX-Mini for RadCom but, of course, will also post my field notes here on the blog.

      -Thomas (K4SWL / M0CYI)

  2. I may have to “Work from home” for a couple of hours this morning then. My QCX Classic is built for 20m and works spectacularly! Great little kits.

    1. I just ordered 2, 40 and 20m, so I’m glad to hear your experience.
      It is a 30 day wait but I can live vicariously through you and Thomas.

      de AD8EV

  3. Lol how serendipitous, I literally just ordered 2 mini’s a few days ago. A 40 and 20. There is a 30 day wait but I’ll be anxious to hear today and eventually see the vid if possible.

    de AD8EV

  4. Hello Thomas, always waiting for your super videos, we learn from them, good luck in your new activation 73 de KP4PTT…

  5. From home was on 20m, around 14.060 MHz from 1400-1600 UTC (1000-1200 EDT) and worked a few station. Band was good although lots of QSB. Worked AZ, AR, Canada ONT, VA, most all 539-579.

    Sorry I missed you.

    73, ron, n9ee/r

  6. I reposted your blog post on our club groups.io. You were down in noise floor for me up here in Niagara.

    Hope you did well. Saw a couple stations working you.

    Steve VA3FLF

  7. Orderd QCX mini last month so hoping it shows up some day this month. Ordered a 20m one to start with, pre-assembled as I’m not too good at assembling yet. I am going to order an Amplified speaker for it, and hopefully use my 3 band vertical…. looking forward to hear about your trip.
    73, WB8YXF

    1. Wow, there are 180 preorders for the QCX-MINI. Assembled.

      Looks like they have much to do over there. Though I believe the wait will be worth it.

  8. Ordered QCX-mini on the strength of your very brief recommendation. Any other recommendations for wire antenna for the 20M band and this rig? The Pack-Tenna costs almost twice as much as the radio!

    1. It would be super easy to simply build a 20M EFHW for the QCX-Mini. Or, you could even build a resonant 20M dipole. Both would be easy to build and quite affordable.

  9. Wow, there are 180 preorders for the QCX-MINI. Assembled.

    Looks like they have much to do over there. Though I believe the wait will be worth it.

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