The new QRP Labs QDX 4-band 5 watt digital transceiver kit

Many thanks to Pete  (WB9FLW) who shares the following information about the new QDX transceiver from QRP Labs:

The “QDX” (QRP Labs Digital Xcvr): a feature-packed, high performance, four-band (80, 40, 30, 20m) 5W Digi-modes transceiver kit, including embedded SDR receiver, 24-bit 48 ksps USB sound card, CAT control, synthesized VFO with TCXO reference. QDX transmits a SINGLE SIGNAL, it is not an SSB modulator with associated unwanted sideband and residual carrier, or intermodulation due to amplifier non-linearity. QDX outputs a pure single signal.

The Optional enclosure is black anodized extruded aluminium, very sturdy and elegant. The enclosure size is 89 x 63 x 25mm without protrusions. The front and rear panels are drilled and cut to match the QDX PCB with laser-etched lettering. The enclosure includes four self-adhesive feet.

List of features: 

    • Four bands 80, 40, 30 and 20m
    • 5W output at 9V supply (can be built for 4-5W at 12-13V supply)
    • Single signal transmission (zero unwanted sideband, zero residual carrier, zero intermodulation distortion)
    • Solid-state band switching and transmit/receive switching under CAT control
    • High performance embedded SDR SSB receiver with 60-70dB of unwanted sideband cancellation
    • Built-in 24-bit 48ksps USB sound card
    • Built-in USB Virtual COM Serial port for CAT control
    • Si5351A Synthesized VFO with 25MHz TCXO as standard
    • Easy to build single-board design, Professional quality double-sided, through-hole plated, silk-screen printed PCBs
    • All SMD components factory assembled
    • Connectors: 2.1mm power barrel connector, USB B (for audio and CAT control), BNC RF input/output
    • Built-in test signal generator and testing tools
    • Receive current 100mA, Transmit current 1.0-1.1A for 5W output with 9V supply (around 0.7A for 5W with 13V supply).
    • Optional aluminium extruded cut/drilled/laser-etched black anodized enclosure

Full details, see main QRP Labs QDX page.

Video tour of the QDX

Click here to view on YouTube.

Absolutely amazing! I’m not sure how Hans is able to innovate at the pace he does, but I think we’re all better for it. This will be a big seller for those who’ve been looking for a high performance QRP digital mode transceiver.

Thanks for the tip, Pete!

Click here to check out the QDX at QRP Labs.

6 thoughts on “The new QRP Labs QDX 4-band 5 watt digital transceiver kit”

    1. I just bought one of these uSDR uSDX radios. It is tiny and I run it off of a tiny 14.4V battery. I don’t have a lot of time on it yet, but it’s menu is amazingly simple, just like most other uSDX QCX-SSB devices. I eventually want to do digital, maybe even HF ALE and Winlink Vara HF with it. I even want to try using a Baofeng APRS cable to connect to may Android phone using ATAK Hammer plugin, as it has VOX and a Kenwood 2-pin plug on it already.
      I definitely need this QRP Labs QDX – I just wish it would come in a finished device. I don’t have time to wind wire and solder components in my life right now.

  1. I am building the QRPGuys radio and I have one of the QRPLabs radios on the way. Both are very interesting radios. BTW the QRPLabs radios sold out in less than 15 min today. There is definitely a hot market for digital QRP!


  2. I just tried to buy a QDX today and they are out of stock. I need to get one of these radios. A friend got one and he had it up and running in one day. He raves about it.

  3. I went back to QRP Labs to by another QCX Mini, and I also bought an assembled QDX… it’s $45 more than the kit, but if you don’t have the time or build skills, you’re in luck. I can’t believe they’re not sold out again!

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