New stock of Inkits Easy Bitx SSB TCVR Kits

Many thanks to Pete (WB9FLW) who shares the following announcement from Sunil Lakhan (VU3SUA):

We have a new stock for easy bitx kits.
This kit is much improved and has no wiring.
The kit is very compact and portable too.

Check out in our store ..
Colors available . Black . Black with white panels . Blue with white panels .
Add a note for preferred color:

Thank you for the tip, Pete!

3 thoughts on “New stock of Inkits Easy Bitx SSB TCVR Kits”

  1. This reminds me that I need to take the Bitx 40 and uBitx off the shelf and use them for a couple of days. I’ve sort of vowed to never get involved in one of their projects again after the roller coaster rides that I went through with the Bitx40 and the uBitx. My Bitx40 didn’t work out of the package and I was blamed by those guys that I had a wiring issue. After a week of troubleshooting the board based on their recommendations I was never able to get it to work. Asher send me a brand new board and I dropped it into place with the wiring exactly as it had been and it worked on the first try except for it was not calibrated at the factory as they said it would be. After many of their suggested hardware modifications based on some shortcomings in the design I eventually stopped short of adding an ALC and I’m very satisfied with my Bitx40 despite not running the latest firmware. I found a version that worked for me and stuff with it. The next firmware upgrade was going to require more hardware modifications and I thought I’d better leave well enough alone. I’ve since had a nice QSO recorded with Bob Heil talking to him on my Bitx40.

    The uBitx went better than the Bix40 but also required many hardware mods requested by them to fix design shortcomings.

    It may sound like I’m bashing these guys but I highly recommend taking on one of these kits. I have to believe that they’ve made some design changes since the two that I built and you won’t find a functional SSB radio for less than this. You’ll also learn a few things along the way.

  2. The easy Bitx series kits are not from HF Signals . These kits are from Sunil vu3sua from

    Present the kits are out of stock .
    We are bringing out a new dual band transceiver Airpal 20mt 40mt .

    Thanks and regards

  3. this reminds me of my dada s shop back in North Vancouver JP hobbies and crafts Ken Moersch sr as a huge HAM radio and electronics go to guy in Vncouver during the 60s and still alive today

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