Why did I replace my KX2 aluminum encoder knob with the stock plastic one?

Many thanks to Nick (KC0MYW) who writes:

I notice that you put the stock knob back on your KX-2 instead of the aluminum one you sang the praises of here:


I’d be interested in your thoughts/views/opinion/reasoning for that. I am hoping to get a KX-2 soon and was planning to get the aluminum knob that you recommended.

Excellent question. I did, indeed, swap out the nicer aluminum knob with the stock lightweight knob. I meant to write a quick note about that last year.

I did this after watching a presentation by Wayne Burdick (N6KR) for the QSO Today Expo last year.

Here’s the video queued up to the spot where Wayne mentions why he doesn’t recommend anything other than the stock plastic encoder:

In the video, I believe he’s really referring to heavier encoders rather than the lightweight aluminum one, but I still pulled it thinking I was perfectly happy with the plastic one and would accept the compromise. Anything to extend the longevity of my KX2.

The video is a fascinating look at how the KX2 was designed and developed. I would encourage you to watch the entire video when you have the time.

One thought on “Why did I replace my KX2 aluminum encoder knob with the stock plastic one?”

  1. I watched this video before purchasing our KX2. I agree with you. Wayne specifically talks about the difference between the heftier shaft system of the KX3 and the sleek, lightweight version of the KX2. The KX2 was designed to be the extreme in lightweight SOTA. He doesn’t advise switching out the stock knob for something that would cause more angular pressure.

    Having said that… One of the reasons we enjoy ham radio is for the experimentation within the hobby. In that spirit, I purchased a number of items from Side Kick for our KX2.

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