Craig’s free solar/propagation apps for the iPhone and iWatch


Many thanks to Craig (VK3NCR) who writes:

Hi Tom

I have upload two apps to the apple App Store recently


Hope you enjoy my simple apps!



Thank you for designing these apps and sharing them, Craig. I love the simple design–I’m loading this on my iPhone. It’ll make for an easy check before I head to the field for a summit or park activation.

In the case of the iWatch app, I see this being a very “handy” tool! (See what I did there–? Yeah, sorry for that.)

Thanks again, Craig!

3 thoughts on “Craig’s free solar/propagation apps for the iPhone and iWatch”

  1. Looks like an interesting app.

    I can see the watch app but not the iPhone app in the UK app store, although some of Craig’s other ham related apps are available. My iPad doesn’t see the iPhone app in the store either, although that might be intentional.

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