Maxpedition Fatty: My choice Elecraft AX1 antenna case/pouch

I’ve gotten a number of inquiries from QRPer readers and YouTube subscribers regarding the case I use for my Elecraft AX1 antenna.

It’s a Maxpedition “Fatty” Pocket Organizer and I think it’s nearly ideal for the AX1.

The elastic straps inside the pouch keep the elements of the antenna organized and separated. They don’t hold the sections tightly in place, but they do the trick.

I store the two AX1 counterpoise wires (one for 40M, the other for 20/17) in its interior zipped pocket.

The Fatty pouch also stores a small Muji notepad and mechanical pencil (for logging).

I actually keep a logbook specifically for the AX1 because it’s so fun to see just how many miles per watt I’ve achieved with this pocket antenna.

I also like the clam shell opening.When I arrive on-site, I open the case and everything is arranged and prepared for assembly (which takes all of 2-3 minutes). Since every piece of the AX1 assembly has its own dedicated spot in the Fatty pouch, I can tell at a glance if I’ve forgotten something.

In the spirit of full discoure, you should know that besides being a radio enthusiast, I’m also a hopeless pack geek.  I almost exclusively buy backpacks and travel gear from smaller manufacturers mostly located here in the USA. I support companies like Red Oxx, Tom Bihn, and Spec-Ops Brand to name a few. I have even helped pack companies with their designs and pre-production evaluations (much like I do for radio manufacturers).

Maxpedition is a US-based company that manufactures much of their gear in Taiwan (I believe). Although I originally purchased this Fatty pouch and two other Maxpedition pouches about six years ago, I can say their their quality and durability are superb.  The zippers all work fluidly, seams are well-stitched, and I’ve never had one fail on me in any way. Their gear is more affordable than most of the packs I typically purchase.

I wish Maxpedition made a padded case that would fit my IC-705, Elecraft KX3, or even the Elecraft KX2 (although the Lowe Pro packs Elecraft sells seem to work well). I’ve never tested Maxpedition slings and backpacks, but I may give one a try soon. I would love input from any readers who are familiar with larger Maxpedition packs.

Click here to purchase a Maxpedition Fatty puch from Amazon (this affiliate link supports QRPer at no cost to you). Or click here to purchase directly from Maxpedition.

7 thoughts on “Maxpedition Fatty: My choice Elecraft AX1 antenna case/pouch”

  1. I have a KX3, do you have a suggestion for a carry pack for it, with room for accessories? I ordered one of the pack for the AX1. I had been looking for something for a while. Thanks for the referral! de W1AST

    1. Hi, Larry,

      Good question.

      So, early on, I invested in SideKX panels and a Lexan cover that fits those panels:
      Not a cheap option, but I’ve been very pleased. With the Lexan cover in place, I don’t worry too much about protecting the rest of the radio. I usually slip it into my Red Oxx C-Ruck pack, or my Red Oxx Micro Manager (which fits it well and is padded):

      There are cheaper options out there for sure, but I try to buy USA made products from small businesses when I can.

      I’ve been incredibly tempted to convert my KX2 with side panels as well. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I probably should since I take it to the field so much.


  2. AX1 is funny bc it gets a lot of use just bc it’s so convenient. Also, yes packs are always fun. I’m using this 5.11 fanny pack type thing on a belt that hold kx3, mic, LiFePo4, AX1+40m, small notebook and pen. Awesome!

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