My decision about the Elecraft KXPA100

First of all, thanks to all of you who weighed in after I asked for guidance about either selling or keeping my Elecraft KXPA100 100 watt amplifier.

In short: I’m taking your advice

Almost all of you encouraged me to hang onto the KXPA100, suggesting I would regret selling it.

Besides the advice left in the comments section, I received about the same amount of emails from readers.  Only a couple suggested selling.

I’m inclined to agree that I’ll regret selling the KXPA100 at this point.

I will take another look at this down the road, but I realize (as many of you pointed out) that the KXPA100 can be paired with so many of my QRP radios, it’s a pretty versatile, quality piece of radio gear. That and, frankly, if I sold it, then regretted it, and re-purchased one later (as I have with so many other radios) I’m not sure I could get one in such great shape. My KXPA100 and ATU work flawlessly.

I do believe I would consider selling the KXPA100 if it would help fund a piece of gear that could effectively replace it. I simply can’t afford something like the K4, but if I could, I’d thin the herd to make that happen.

Thanks again for your advice!

4 thoughts on “My decision about the Elecraft KXPA100”

  1. I was also contemplating selling mine – but reached the same conclusion as you. Keeping mine for now, as well. W2LJ

  2. Thomas,
    I’m a little late to the discussion, but I’d agree with your findings. I had planned to reduce the footprint of my shack, hoping to replace most everything with a KX3. As luck would have it, I had a major short on my IC-7000, so that left the bench…. I swear, this wasn’t on purpose. But I still needed something to overcome the terrain challenges at home. I tried to find an amp that would work short of the KXPA100. Everything was a compromise. I purchased the KXPA100 and continue to be thrilled with the kit. I just unplug my KX3 and put it in my ruck when I hit a SOTA/POTA. Life couldn’t be more simple–and statisfying.

  3. Add me to the group who will never abandon the KX-PA100. The KX3 simply has the best ATU I have ever used and with my tendency to depend upon random wires tossed into trees, I use it constantly. I don’t always pair it with the amp, but there are times I must.

    I have purchased the Icom IC-705 to be my shack in a box, but have not yet tried hooking it to the KX-PA100. I waiting to hear the experiences of others before I go that route.

    73 and best wishes to all for 2021. Dave, N3CI

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