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Kenwood TS-990 Series English Press Release

Those of you following the Kenwood TS-990 will be happy to know that Kenwood has finally published an official press release with specifications and other details. They are announcing a suggested retail price of ¥798,000, or $9,138.78 US as of … Continue reading

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Kenwood TS-990S Brochure

Click here to download the Kenwood TS-990S brochure. For future information on the TS-990S, follow the tag: TS-990

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Video of Kenwood TS-990 at the 2012 Tokyo Hamfair

Admittedly, I love the analogesque dial above the tuning knob:

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Photos of the Kenwood TS-990

The display model of the Kenwood TS-990 is covered under plexiglass in Hara Arena. Here are a few photos I took this morning. Note that they’ve covered the back panel of the radio with black cloth.  

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Kenwood publishes first photo of the Kenwood TS-990S

When you open your June 2012 issue of QST, you will find that Kenwood has published a photo and ad (see below) of their new TS-990S in advance of Dayton. We also know a few specs/features: Full HF bands and … Continue reading

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Kenwood press release for the TS-990

Kenwood released the following press release today. I had hoped it would contain more information. We did recently learn about some TS-990 facts, and now, through this Kenwood PR,  we learn that the TS-990 will not see production until late … Continue reading

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Price, Size and Availability: a Kenwood TS-990S update

There is still very little known about the yet-unreleased, highly-anticipated Kenwood TS-990S HF transceiver, but we’ve confirmed just a few details from a contact at Kenwood… Size: The TS-990S will be the size of theTS-950SDX 200 watts, and have a … Continue reading

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Kenwood announces the TS-990S in Tokyo

Kenwood is releasing a new top end rig in the heritage of TS-950SDX, the TS-990S. It will be a full year, according to Kenwood, before the TS-990S will be available in the USA. We will post more information on the Kenwood … Continue reading

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