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Carl builds the ULTRA-PK “PicoKeyer” CW memory Keyer Kit

Many thanks to Carl who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I’ve grown to love the prerecorded CW memories on my KX2. I’d fallen out of love with my 817ND because it didn’t have them.

Then I saw your video where you used a PicoKeyer. So… I ordered one.

But I messed up and it came in kit format.

So, tonight I built my first Kit-anything in about 30 years.

And, it actually worked!

What a cool little device..

Thank you for sharing this, Carl! This little kit is a lot of fun to build and quite affordable. The end product is one you’ll use for years to come as well.

It’s an amazingly capable little keyer and a proper value!

I purchased mine from this Bay seller in Ft Collins, CO