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Please Cast Your Vote for “Call Signs”–!

Dear Readers:

I have a favor to ask. You might remember our friend Wlod (US7IGN) has not only written a book about living in Kiev during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but was also the subject of an amazing, award-winning audio documentary by Cicely Fell.

Both Wlod and Cicely are dear friends and it’s been my honor to have played a small part in the making of this documentary and, more importantly, introducing these two amazing people to each other. 

“Call Signs” has been nominated for another award and the public–no matter where you live in the world–is allowed to vote. Voting requires no login and is very easy to do. The login form is in French, but Cicely explains how to vote below. 

It would be meaningful to me if you took a moment to register your vote today.

Thank you & 72! –Thomas (K4SWL)

Cicely writes:

Dear Thomas,

I’m so happy that ‘Call Signs’ – the documentary that you were so instrumental in making happen! – is nominated for this year’s Phonurgia Nova Awards (International Contest of Radiophonic Creation, taking place in Paris in early November). You can read more about the contest here.

It’s so wonderful that Wlod’s story has captured people’s imagination and is being recognised in this way. In addition to the prizes awarded by the jury, there is an audience award, where the public gets to vote for their favourite piece.

To vote for ‘Call Signs’:

1. Go to:

2. Scroll down to 5 – Archives de la Parole

Select: Cicely Fell, Call Signs – Falling Tree (see below)

3. Then (as it’s in French!) click on the button “Terminé” to submit. (You don’t need to create a surveymonkey account to submit your vote).

Important: Deadline for voting is October 31st. Please vote today!

Here’s a link to the documentary on Phonurgia Nova’s Soundcloud:

Again, readers, thank you so much for your vote! 

BBC Radio 4 – Lights Out: Call Signs

My dear friend, Volodymyr Gurtovy (US7IGN), has been featured in another brilliant documentary on BBC Radio 4 called Call Signs.

This documentary was produced by the talented Cicely Fell with Falling Tree productions for BBC Radio 4. Note that Cicely also produced a BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts earlier this year featuring Vlad as well. Enjoy:

BBC Radio 4 Lights Out: Call Signs

A man, a Mouse and a morse key: the story of a radio amateur in Kyiv as the Russian invasion unfolds.

When his wife and two children flee Kyiv to escape the war, Volodymyr Gurtovy (call sign US7IGN) stays behind in their apartment with only his radios and the family hamster, Mouse, for company.

Before the war, he used to go deep into the pine forests, spinning intricate webs of treetop antennas using a fishing rod, catching signals from radio amateurs in distant countries.

Prohibited by martial law from sending messages, he becomes a listener, intercepting conversations of Russian pilots and warning his neighbours to hide in shelters well before the sirens sound. After three months of silence, he begins transmitting again. Switching his lawyer’s suit for a soldering iron, he runs a radio surgery for his friends and neighbours, dusting off old shortwave receivers and bringing them back to life.

During air raids, he hides behind the thickest wall in his apartment, close to his radios, their flickering amber lights opening a window to another world. A story of sending and receiving signals from within the darkness of the Kyiv blackout.

Music: Ollie Chubb (8ctavius)
Producer: Cicely Fell
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

Listen to Call Signs on BBC Sounds by clicking here, or via the embedded player below: