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Free e-Book version of The ARRL Antenna Book

UPDATE: I reached out to the ARRL and they replied that even though this link is publicly available, it is actually intended only for those who purchase print copies of the Antenna Book.

Per their request, I have removed the links in this post. -Thomas

Many thanks to Alex (KR1ST), on Mastodon, who notes that the e-Book version of The ARRL Antenna  Book 25th Edition is free on the ARRL website.

Simply go to this link, click on the format and add it to your cart. At checkout, the price will be free. Once processed by the ARRL, you’ll receive a download link.

I’m not sure if this is only open to ARRL members (I am one), or if you only need an account at ARRL.org.

The Antenna Book is a MASSIVE volume an amazing reference for any amateur radio operator. I highly recommend grabbing this e-Book version even if, like me, you have a print version! I’ve no clue how long this offer will last.