Build Your Own VK3IL Pressure Paddle: Alan’s (W2AEW) Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Our good friend Alan (W2AEW) has just posted a video on his excellent YouTube channel showing how to build the VK3IL pressure paddle. He also explains how the key works using the schematic and gives tips for working with the surface mount components.

This paddle is an exceptional key and quite inexpensive to build!

Click here to watch on Alan’s YouTube channel.

6 thoughts on “Build Your Own VK3IL Pressure Paddle: Alan’s (W2AEW) Step-by-Step Video Tutorial”

  1. Happened to see this on the ‘tube when it posted. Looks remarkably simple … but then Alan always makes things look that way! Even the SMD stuff. 🙂

  2. Alan,

    This is a key I’ve always wanted to build. Your video was very informative, and the construction looks easy enough.

    Alas, If only I had the time. It seems my kits are piling up. I have two QRP Lab kits, in front of the line. But, still, I should buy the components, and have them ready to go…

    Thanks for the video. 72 de W7UDT

  3. Hi Alan,

    Great video of the build! I have put several of these together. They were my first attempt at surface mount construction, and all have worked so far. I have used VK3IL paddles successfully with IC7300, TX-500, KX2, KX3, TR-35, TR-45L, and Kenwood TS-590S.

    I prefer the feel with closed-cell foam under the heat-shrink wrapper. I have one of these in each of my field kits, and the only real problem has been winter activations. It is tough to use pressure paddles when your finger tips have gone numb!

    Best 73 de Brian – K3ES

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