Xiegu X6200: New Product Photos and Videos

Many thanks to Don (W7SSB) who shares the following photos (via Xiegu) of the new X6200 transceiver. Click images to enlarge:

Update: A number of readers also note that Radioddity has posted the following videos on their website:

Freddy (F5IRO) also notes that Passion Radio will be shipping the X6200 in June 2024 for 899 €. Click here to read on Freddy’s blog.

11 thoughts on “Xiegu X6200: New Product Photos and Videos”

  1. I went though two 6100 radios, both had nasty problems and never had all the advertised features available.
    Got a refund and bought a 705 which I ought to have done in the first place.
    Yes, I can hear the response from 6100 owners with flawless units….
    Be careful out there with what appears to be a bargain.

  2. I wonder if they actually made some improvements to the rig ??
    It looks pretty good.. They have come along way since they started making radios ! Its time to buy a nice used 6100 – they should be cheaper !! LOL
    73 Mike

  3. I have owned two Xiegu radios — an X1M and currently a G106. Our budget is such that the G106 was the most expensive radio I could get, so if I had resources for an IC-705, KX2, etc, I’d probably have one already. Anyway…

    The X1M was a let-down and got returned due to arriving ‘new’ with deep scratches covered up with permanent marker, poor and buzzy receive quality and so-on (see my review at eham for the full details).

    The G106 is just ‘eh’. I only purchased it because I wanted an SSB-capable HF rig. Unfortunately the SSB performance is pretty poor and unsurprisingly the receive audio quality is probably noisier and harsher than my uBitX v6. I almost feel like I wasted my money on another Xiegu. Thankfully the G106 was deeply discounted, so that lessens the sting somewhat.

    On its face, the X6200 looks like just a X6100 ‘refresh’. I am hoping that it’s a big improvement and people really enjoy it. As for me, unless someone gives one to me, I’ll probably refrain from purchasing Xiegu products for a good while.

    72 / 73 and God bless you! 😀

  4. The website is showing this radio

    A cheaper Icom 705?

    Don t let the “fix it in software” as in the past hardware issues for early buyers was a problem

    John VE3IPS

  5. Pricing is likely north of 600-700 usd. Now, wait 6 months and see 1st impressions. OTOH, the G90 is a brilliant little radio. Rehoming my FX-4CR soon.

  6. I know 5 people who have bought x6100s’. Only 2 of them still own/use their radios, and one of those has a KX2 on order.

    Internal battery charging, internal mic, RF feedback with external mic, poor front end out of band signal rejection, harsh RX audio, firmware problems, all issues I have heard first hand accounts from these friends.

    Maybe the x6200 will be a huge leap up in quality and performance from the x6100? Unless the money is burning a hole in your pocket, I would wait a while and follow the early adopters on YouTube.

  7. As none of the commercial sellers of the 5105 around here have access to a replacement battery, I’ll rather save some funds, sell mine and buy an SSB-Electronic ZS-1 or Elad FDM-DUO.

    1. Dirk, there a great write-up somewhere by somebody who put together their own replacement internal battery for the x5105. They bought bare cells and reused the board from the original battery pack. Ok, it’s a bit DIY sand needs a steady hand but it cost next to nothing to do. I bought an original replacement from sinotel in the UK.

      As for the new X6200…. Meh. That just looks like more of the same – HF and 6m. I’ll not be rushing to be a beta tester for Xiegu again. Well, not unless they bring out a proper HF, VHF and UHF alternative to the 705. Then I’d be interested…

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