Gordon’s Simple AM-801 Alligator Clip Mod

Many thanks to Gordon (KF5JWL) who writes:


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally tried it.

I attached an alligator clip to the AM-801 [window antenna mount] so it could be used to connect a counterpoise. Turns out alligator clips (at least the Mueller version I had lying around) have a toothy clip part at one end and a banana jack or socket at the other end. I didn’t want to go down the Google rabbit hole to find out if this is standard on all alligator clips. The clip also has a 6-32 threaded hole between the two ends so I drilled a clearance hole (using a #28 drill) in the AM-801 near the edge and attached the clip with a stubby 6-32 screw.

My trusty automatic center punch apparently failed to make a significant impression in the AM-801 so my drill bit wandered somewhat and the resulting hole was not exactly where I wanted it but I was still able to connect the alligator clip.


Gordon KF5JWL

Thanks, Gordon! That’s a clever addition to the AM-801. Thank you for sharing it with us.

4 thoughts on “Gordon’s Simple AM-801 Alligator Clip Mod”

  1. Excellent idea Gordon! I don’t use the AM-801, but the same alligator clip idea would work in other applications too. Maybe a little blue thread locker on the 6/32 screw would stop it working loose.

  2. I like the idea too, but it looks like there is probably room to fit a 4mm terminal post facing down instead of the crocodile clip which might be a more reliable termination method in practice.

  3. I like the alligator clip idea as it should hold a counterpoise wire firmly enough but not too firmly, should someone accidentally get tangled up in the wire.

    I use alligator clips and crimp-on spade lugs when I build segmented antennas, to bridge the insulators and this has always worked well for me.

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