POTA book on sale at R&L today only!

Many thanks to Paul Evans (W4/VP9KF) who notes that the POTA book is on sale at R&L today for $16.95!

Click here to check it out at R&L.

Update: Alex brings up a good point. If you’re not picking this up in store, then the estimated shipping costs will bring the price up to more than the same book costs at Amazon.com (affiliate link). To really take advantage of this deal, you need to be local to R&L.

Click here to learn more about the ARRL POTA Book.

3 thoughts on “POTA book on sale at R&L today only!”

  1. The shipping cost indicated by the R&L website brings the total cost to much more than Amazon charges for the book.

    1. Wow–you’re right. It’s showing an additional $11 for shipping to NC. I’ll update the post with this info. Sounds like a deal only locals can really take advantage of.

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