KM4CFT’s Iambic Paddle Kit for the Elecraft KH1

Many thanks to Jonathan (KM4CFT) who notified me that his new KH1 iambic paddle kit is now available to order.

I know Jonathan has been working on this little key for a while and I’m pleased to see it come to fruition.

Click here to check it out on eBay via Dan (W7RF).

Note that this is an eBay partner link that also supports at no cost to you!

6 thoughts on “KM4CFT’s Iambic Paddle Kit for the Elecraft KH1”

  1. I’ve gone through two KHPD1 paddles since I got my KH1 back in December. Elecraft have been as supportive as possible given the shortage of supplies parts. I think they will need to redesign the current KHPD1 to use a different type of switch as those are failing left and right. Both of mine had bad white switches initially and then the second one actually failed both switches. So I had pretty much resigned to just using another key until I got around to designing one of my own. This looks very close to what I had in mind. Just bought one and can’t wait to try it out!

    1. Thomas
      I’m still waiting for my kh1. And a bit worried about the paddles. Would you advise that I get a set of these??? Or maybe the tiny paddle from n6ara or both?? I’m new to qrp and don’t want ti be without.

      Thanks Glen KC8LA

      1. Hi, Glen,

        I haven’t gotten my version 2 paddles from Elecraft yet, but I’ve heard they’re a big improvement on the originals. Feedback has been very positive among the (brutally critical) members of the KH1 testing group. 🙂

        I have a video coming out soon with N6ARA’s TinyPaddle KH1 adapter. They work great. They are more sensitive to touch which can be a bad thing when you’re pedestrian mobile, but they work very well and (as they were originally intended) are an excellent, super lightweight and compact backoup! I highly recommend.

        KM4CFT’s paddles are unique in that they’re much larger than the original KH1 paddles. They work well–I received mine yesterday int he post after publishing this article. I’m not sure how often I’ll use them pedestrian mobile, but I think they’ll work very well as attachable paddles when operating tabletop style as I did in my most recent activation (using the KHRA1 adapter). The action is very light and accurate.

        I believe we’ll see many other 3rd party paddles for the KH1 show up as more and more ops get their KH1 deliveries.

        Paddles are such a personal preference it’s often difficult to know what to recommend. I can say, hoever, that there are good options out there including the Rev 2 KH1 paddles that will ship with your radio.


        1. Hi Thomas
          I need a bit of knowledge as I’m new to qrp and pota. This summer I will be in some parks/places that I’m sure there is no internet to spot myself. Will the rbn spot me after sending cq a few time? Will I need to send park # in the cq? Anything else I should know? I’ve done 7 activations so far here in ohio to get my feet wet all good ones. I just want to try and do things right. I’ll be in NY in ill WI MN nd sd WY mt and MI. Want to get a good plan together. Ft 891 in rv and the kh1 for outings. Can you help?
          Thanks Glen KC8LA

  2. I don’t have a KH1. Only a KX2, and I’m happy with the Elecraft paddles designed for it…

    I can sympathize the problem though. The KH1 is such a great concept being it’s hand-held. The key being integrated into the design makes it very handy.

    I have two QCX Mini’s with Capacitive Touch keys which are amazing. They truly make it one handed.

    If it were me, I’d look into a Capacitive Touch Mod with acorn nuts in a convenient and ergonomic location (if possible).

  3. Because this is often used for outdoor activations, I think the right way to go is a pressure paddle like the VK3IL pressure paddle, but in a form factor that works on the bottom of the KH1. My expectation would be that this paddle will also suffer from moisture on the contacts like the original KH1 paddle does. My second KH1 paddle is being shipped to me now.

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