A Confession From The POTA Babe

Goals are good because they push us to stretch ourselves, teach us new skills, and build confidence. I’ve always been one driven to make and pursue goals. Those of you who follow my reports here at QRPer or have visited my QRZ page are aware of my 2024 goal of 60 new-to-me park activations. In itself, there is nothing wrong with this goal, except for me, there is.

I’ve come to learn through some recent missteps in my personal life that I am still carrying baggage from my divorce at the end of 2023. I spend too much time being busy, “doing” instead of “being.” Doing (including the pursuit of goals) is how I cope. It allows me to avoid spending time putting to rest unresolved issues from the divorce as well as figuring out who I am now, what is my purpose, where I am headed, and becoming comfortable being alone.

This mindset of frantic “doing” is obvious during my December Florida POTA trip. I traveled over 1,000 miles in eight days and had twelve valid park activations, all at parks with which I was unfamiliar. Quite a feat and one of which I am proud. However, a lot of that trip I was “doing” and moving at a rushed pace instead of “being.”

Life is something to be savored and, as POTA is a part of my life, it should be savored, too. Yes, I enjoy my activations, what I learn from them, and meeting friends on the air as well as ops new to me. I enjoy the privilege of sharing my activations with others in the ham community through QRPer. Yet, I haven’t savored the journey as much as I should and that changes now.

No, I am not giving up my goal of 60 new-to-me park activations. (I am the POTA Babe, after all.) But what I am going to do is take more time at each park and focus on the quality of the experience rather than the quantity.

I plan to be in Florida the first week of April on another POTA trip. The main purpose of the trip is to make progress on my goal. However, I will also take time to reflect, to go on long walks with Daisy, to sit in a place before or after an activation and savor the beauty and privilege of being there (unless I am being eaten alive by mosquitoes like I was at Collier-Seminole State Park). To think. Be introspective. Dream. Just “be”.

I am looking forward to this trip and hope I’ll see many of you on the air during it. Thank you, in advance, for sharing the journey with me.

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  1. I must say you have come to a reasonable, valuable refinement of a worthwhile goal. To “see” rather than just being able to claim another notch on the belt of places you have been too. Good for you!

    And a very HAPPY EASTER to you too!

  2. Cheering you on Teri. Lotta roses to smell in the world and you have plenty of time to smell each one and avoid getting struck by the thorns. That always happens to me when I hurry.
    73 and HTH,
    Jack – KD4IZ

  3. Divorce is certainly a very big “change of life” event, and it does take both time and effort to recover from and respond to. Being “busy and doing” as well as “just being and coping” are all part of the healing & growing process – taken from my personal experience with the matter. I’m happy to be part of your POTA/ham “family” to help along your journey.

  4. Yes POTA Babe, i think you have seen the light. Be, just be, here in the moment. If you come near Collier Seminole again please visit the Marco Hams weekly lunch every Thursday at The Speakeasy on Marco Island 1130 or so. Very friendly and casual group welcoming visiting hams.

    I will look for You April 4th.
    Armin VA3YB/W4

  5. What a wonderful insight. May all come about as you hope, and more so. POTA Babe has many quiet advocate-friends! 72

  6. Thank you gentlemen for the comments of encouragement. One of the best decisions in my life was to become a ham. The culture of supporting and helping one another is special. I can’t think of a better community to which to belong. I look forward to savoring the journey ahead.

    The POTA Babe

  7. Tommy Walker (NG4S)
    POTA Babe I have been through a device and death of my second wife of 35 years, keeping busy is what keeps me going also. I work you every time Ham Alert signals me with your call. I live in South Carolina and can only work you on 40 meters when you are close. Next time I work you I will say “hello POTA Babe” addressed you that way today on CW 3/20/24.
    72, Tom NG4S

    1. Tommy:

      I am sorry to hear about the death of your xyl. I recently lost someone who left me and, though it not the same level of grief, it is grief nonetheless. As difficult a process as that is, it makes one appreciate what one had.

      Yes, you did work me today at Canoochee Sandhills WMA. I needed some radio therapy this week. True to the article, I took my time, setting up at a leisurely pace. Daisy and I also took a 15-min amble afterwards. It was probably the most relaxed activation I’ve done. Thanks for hunting me and you are welcome to say “Hello POTA Babe” any time to me on the air – hi hi. Keep having fun with CW!

      The POTA Babe

  8. Remember, its not how many rose gardens you visit…..its how many beautiful roses you stopped to adnire and smell. Take time, enjoy and have fun.

  9. Thanks for sharing Teri. It’s a tough time for anyone when a marriage ends and you seem to be going through the aftermath with grace and intelligence. You have to be careful of what and or who you let into your life during this period. Having something like POTA to help you stay focused on YOU is good. And you’re making adjustments so that you get the most out of your time. So, great job POTA Babe. You’ve got this!
    You’re very brave to put your life out here for people to see, and I hope that the results are positive.
    Take care, and best wishes!!!
    73 de NG9T Gary

  10. You go girl!!!

    Be yourself and most importantly be true to yourself!

    Roughly 28 years ago I found myself single left behind by my soon to be Ex after 12 years of marriage and 4 years together prior.
    Took about 3 months to gather my thoughts and discover my new life. I had been an ham for No-code Tech for 2 years at that time. As I rebuilt my life I learned Morse code passed the 5 and 13 wpm tests as required to move up to General passed the General and Advanced exams. Changed callsigns a few times and Met a whole new world of friends many ham radio operators and finally had true friends that were “my” friends not “our” friends.

    As I rebuilt my life my only grudge against my ex was why didn’t she set me free sooner!!!!

    Fast forward to now I’ve been remarried for 22 years to my true soulmate.

    73 and all the best NE5B

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