Late-Shift 80 Meter Activation Tonight

I normally don’t announce activations on QRPer, but tonight I plan to activate a two-fer of Pisgah National Forest (K-4510) and Pisgah Game Land (K-6937) starting roughly around the turn of the UTC day (19:00 EST tonight, or 00:00 UTC on Februay 7, 2024).

I’ll be testing an 80 meter coil for the Chelegance MC-750 vertical.

I’m announcing this POTA activation becase a number of you who live way too close for a 40 meter and up contact have asked me to post if I plan a late night activation on 80 meters.

I hope to put you in the logs!


Thomas (K4SWL)

9 thoughts on “Late-Shift 80 Meter Activation Tonight”

  1. If we orient a “vertical” antenna horizontally and fairly close to the ground for frequencies from about 7 MHz or lower, we will be directing most of our signal close to zenith, producing NVIS or Near Vertical Incidence Skywave propagation. The biggest advantage of NVIS is that we will achieve over-the-horizon coverage with no skip zone. The major disadvantage of NVIS is that it limits our range to about 650 kilometers.
    73, Bruce Prior N7RR

  2. I went to a nearby hill and used hamsticks. I heard many chasers and occasionally pick up bits of your signal. Considering the antenna and power level I was impressed actually. I tried SDR radio and could hear you but not my signal. Great experiment and enjoyed the test. 72

  3. I went to a hill and tried with Hamsticks. I could hear chasers and occasionally your signal. I tried SDR radio and could hear you but my signal. Fun experiment. 73

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