HRWB DC Distribution Panel Kits in stock at Digikey!

Many thanks to Mike (KG4MTN) who notes:

Good morning Thomas,

I did not know if you are aware, but Digikey has in stock about 67 HRWB 5-port dc power strip kits. I ordered one last night, they are $49.94 plus tax/shipping. Apparently these have been out of stock for some time, I am glad to see them available.

72 and God bless,
Mike Serio

Thanks for the tip, Mike! These will sell out quickly, so grab one while you can, I say! I love mine.

Click here to purchase one via DigiKey!

2 thoughts on “HRWB DC Distribution Panel Kits in stock at Digikey!”

  1. I got one of these a year or three ago (initial run, I think). Enjoyed putting it together and it’s been in service as a “subpanel” off my RigRunner ever since.

    The HRWorkbench folks did a group build and it’s up on the Tube of Youse if you dig up their channel.

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