The Elecraft KH1 has arrived! (A few photos…)

I’ve gotten a lot of email and comments asking when my KH1 would arrive and I’m happy to report that I picked it up this morning at the post office!

I ordered the “Edgewood” package, thus the KH1 with all of the trimmings. I was shipped the full radio kit save the logging tray/cover.

The logging tray had a last minute hardware change. Elecraft kindly shipped the radio first and the logging tray will follow in a few days.

I must say: the KH1 is even smaller than I imagined.

Quick video

I made a very short video as I opened the box for the first time. To be clear, it doesn’t likely meet the requirements of an “unboxing” video, because, frankly, I really don’t understand those types of videos.Β  It’s just me opening the box and holding the radio for the first time.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Hunting POTA!

I popped the included battery on my Elecraft fast charger and gave it a good 90 minutes of charge while I did some yard work.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to hop on the air, so I attached the whip antenna and the counterpoise, then hit the ATU button for a 1.2:1 match on 20 meters.

I then opened and tuned to a couple of POTA activators.


First up was KK4WDP who was activating K-0784 in Washington DC.


I was still sorting out a few of the adjustments on the KH1 (keyer speed, sidetone level, AF gain, etc.) so I can’t say my exchange was “graceful.” (If you’re reading this, Josh, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.)

I moved slightly off frequency to delineate my tone, which I think helped punch thorough. On this end, I could hear a couple of strong stations calling at the same time. DC is almost too close for 20 meters this time of day, but I received a 22N report. Thanks, Josh!

Next, I tuned to 14059 MHz where NR1D was activating K-1706.

I called and got a reply on the first try. I can’t remember the report he sent, but he was a solid 5NN. Thanks so much for working me, Kent!


I haven’t seen a lot of up-close product photos yet, so I thought I’d share some here. Again, note these don’t include the logging tray, but I will post more photos when it arrives soon.

Stay tuned!

As I mention in the short video above, I’m going to push my KH1 videos to the front of the line.

Also, if you’ve ordered a KH1, you’ll need to check with Elecraft about the predicted ship date. I suspect demand exceeded their projections!

I’ll have more photos and full field reports hopefully starting this week. Stay tuned!


Thomas (K4SWL)

43 thoughts on “The Elecraft KH1 has arrived! (A few photos…)”

  1. You surely are one helluva QRP ham radio toys collecting geek! I own a few QRP rigs and a couple of QRO transceivers myself, but my collection of the former in no way rivals your treasure trove. I admire you for it. **LOL** Elecraft gear is pricey, but the quality and support for their products are first rate. I own a KX1 & a T1; both are first rate in quality and operation. I look forward eagerly to your forthcoming KH1 videos. Congratulations on your most recent acquisition. 72 de Jim, AE5ZX

    1. Thank you. Yes, the way I see it is, even though a lot of these QRP radios are pricey, It’s not contest-grade radio pricey. πŸ™‚

  2. Can’t wait to see the activation videos!

    (Im)patiently waiting for my unit to arrive. Hopefully before or early December. Until then will be living it through your posts and videos!

  3. All I can say is Wow! This thing is like a KX1-on-steroids.

    Now I want one πŸ˜‰

    I look forward to seeing your future activation videos with this little rig. I’ll be very interested in what you think about the paddles.


    Michael VE3WMB

  4. I happened to be at Pacificon when Wayne introduced the KH1. Eric talked a bit about the KH1 in his presentation, which was mostly about the K4D, HD and K40. Both mentioned that demand greatly exceeded anticipated supply. There was also a mention that those purchased at the Elecraft Pacificon booth would have priority shipping, but there was no convention price. Mine should be waiting for me at the post office, as I am traveling for another day. This is the first new radio that I have purchased, ever, I think. I was able to hold it, play with it, and feel it. I watched Wayne put it through the opening/closing, setting up (12 seconds?) process. It really wasn’t that much money, considering what I have paid for a few used radios over the years (inflation). When I was first licensed, 1966, a new radio cost more than one month’s salary for the average male worker. I can easily take this radio out on a quick, moment’s thought hike or bike ride, as I attempt to regain my physical fitness. This radio will be a part of that. Wayne let us know that it is the radio he has dreamed about since he was 15. He and another engineer were the design and development team. Wayne said that it what he wanted in a radio. It fit in my pants pocket, without discomfort and no need to force it. This is a hobby and fun. I will have to see where it fits in with my KX-1, KX-2, MTR 2b/3b and Sierra Wilderness NorCal series, my current favorite radio (also an N6KR design, the beginnings of Elecraft).

  5. I am quite glad you are pushing your videos with this radio to the front of the line, since I will probably have to wait until late december before mine arrives. Gives me a chance to enjoy the radio without it in my hands.
    I ordered mine the evening of release so I am on the tail end of first day orders.
    I am also hoping elecraft gets the programming utility out before I receive mine because programming CW memory into the kx2 with the record function was a nightmare. (the utility lets you type in the messages which turned a 20 minute endeavor into a 20 second endeavor)
    Maybe I will get lucky and it will arrive before christmas and then I can take it with me when I visit Asheville for the end of the year.

  6. Awesome! I just watched your not unboxing video…lol. That is great, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this tiny lil rig.

  7. Thomas, you’re like a kid with a new favorite toy on Christmas Day. Can’t wait til mine arrives. Maybe we can have a new category for POTA/SOTA – KH1 to KH1 contacts !

  8. Thomas – thank you for a “not unboxing video.” You’re right – they’re pointless. Cool looking little rig! It appears the top plate (and possibly bottom) are additively manufactured (i.e. 3D printed). I see the tell-tale sign of laser rastering paths, so I’d say the material is likely some type of durable polymer. High tech even in its case construction!

    1. I asked Wayne about the 3D printed parts, all non metal are high resolution. It allows for design changes to be implemented much faster. Injection molds are very expensive.

      If a part needs replacement , they can fabricate them as needed rather than make a large run.

      Makes sende

  9. Thomas, Ur 449 into the park (K-1706).
    Great QRP signal.
    Hope to work you when you get that KH1 into a park!

  10. Please don’t post any more videos about this. There’s no way I can slip that radio into the budget and watching such videos will just throw me into a funk. I’ll still watch them, mind you, but it’ll be painful. Perhaps you could offer a hotline with counseling for those of us grieving over this new-found, gaping hole in our radio collection. Thanks. 72 Skip K4EAK

    1. My friend, I hate to tell you, but you’re going to learn eventually…
      There’s simply no known cure for this radio addiction!

  11. A 90 degree adaptor for the whip antenna would be handy for table-top usage.

    Also, a wire terminal connector/adaptor for the whip jack would be handy for use of built-in whip loading coil on 30 and 40 meters with a wire antenna. Although, I suppose one could simply use an alligator clip attached to the whip or the whip jack pin for this purpose.

  12. Anyone else waiting for the first activation video to drop? Every time I get a notification alert on my phone the first thought is, is it K4SWL???

  13. Nice. Look forward to a KH1 to KH1 QSO in the not too distant future. Now gota get rid of a couple of FX-4C’s to replenish the “slush and pogey bait funds”! ;-(

  14. You have reviewed other radios new to the market and I don’t recall this much excitement in your tone. The form factor, the purpose driven design, and functionality fit your 5 watt style perfectly.
    Your wire antenna selection to match with it will be interesting. The 28.5ft speaker wire, random wire, linked EFHW, Nor Cal doublet, the list goes on.
    This is like Christmas when you were a kid. Were?

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