Gone Camping…

This morning, I’m hitting the road and heading to the W4 SOTA (Summits On The Air) campout at Lake Rabun Beach Recreation Area in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (K-4473).

I’ll be completely offline until late Sunday, save for any cell phone coverage I might receive on the summits we activate.  Obviously, I won’t be answering any emails or comments during that time.

I do, however, have a few Field Radio Kit Gallery posts scheduled to publish in my absence here on QRPer! Also, Eric, WD8RIF (who may only be learning about this at time of posting) will hopefully be able to monitor comments and approve any that are auto-moderated. Thanks in advance, Eric!


Once again, I’ll be sharing a campsite with Joshua (N5FY) and we hope to hit quite a few summits possibly with others.

N5FY juggling his HT and log book as S2S contacts were flooding in last year!

Since our campground is in K-4473, you can bet that we’ll be activating it during any downtime at the campsite. I’ve already scheduled activations each evening from 22:00-02:30 UTC knowing that will be the activation window and hoping the RBN picks us up to auto-spot to POTA.app (did I mention a lack of internet service–?)!

I hope to log some folks I don’t normally hear on the air.


Thomas (K4SWL)

5 thoughts on “Gone Camping…”

  1. Stay safe and have fun Thomas.

    Scott KN3A and I may be up around Black Mountain next week if you are free for a cup of coffee.


    1. Sure thing! I don’t know my Hickory schedule yet, but I may very well be around. Would love to meet up!

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