Fred’s simple hack to secure the Begali Traveler

Many thanks to Fred (KE8TBM) who writes:

Here is a solution I came up with for the slipping issue with the Begali Traveler.

It’s very easy to push a pin through the (front only) plastic/rubber feet on the key. This will stop it from sliding on everything including formica counter tops.

After you push the pin through the plastic/rubber feet using a needle nose pliers, simply snip the sharp end off to leave it blunt.

You can leave the little ball on the other end of the pin to retract it if you wish, however, I’ve found that not to be necessary. —-I find that the pins really don’t snag on anything as they just barely peak out the bottom of the foot, but the option is there.

This makes for a rock solid hold on your surface and is a game changer. It’s so nice to be able to push away and not worry about the key slipping around.

Mike, K8MRD just did a review on the Traveler Lite and mentioned the slippage issue.

Best 73 Thomas and thank you for being a great image for the ham community.

Fred, KE8TBM

What a simple and effective idea! Thanks for sharing this tip with us, Fred. Also, thank you for the kind words, OM. 

7 thoughts on “Fred’s simple hack to secure the Begali Traveler”

  1. What a super idea! Thanks for sharing with us Fred. I’m one of those heavy fisted ops and can certainly make use of this mod for my Traveler.

  2. Fred, thank you for the great idea! I have been using a 4” x 5” Silpat. I got the idea from Amanda KY4GS. It really makes the Traveller stay in place. I now use one in my shack under my Begali Magnum. I have a pretty heavy fist and it keeps the Magnum steady for me.


    Robert KR7OB

    1. Robert—— Well you have the King of Kings when it comes to the Bagali paddles.—– Yes, it’s amazing with the heft that some of these keys have, a little traction still helps.—- I hope you love your Magnum. It’s a beautiful key. 73 de KE8TBM.

      1. I use a rubber jar opener which doesn’t damage my desk. The dimensions are perfect for the key. . An inexpensive solution which works well and won’t damage surfaces. Easy to pack for the field.
        Ordered from Amazon.

  3. I am felling a little awkward asking this question, but I am not completely clear on this solution idea…

    I just don’t understand how the cut-off-stub of the push-pin stops the “traveling Traveler” from its sightseeing adventures without “digging in” a little on a Formica surface or a table surface…or at least scratching it….…

    I get it if operating on a outdoor weather-beaten picnic table….but how about a nice wooden desk in the shack??

    Thank you,
    73, Jim /AC3B

    1. Hi Jim—- Well for working on a fine table, I would say no. Glass and ceramic is a no-go as well. That being said I’ve used mine on a wood table with success. This solution is just another tool in the toolbox when needed, thus the ability to retract the pins for other options. —- 73, Fred.

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