ABR Industries 10% Discount Code for QRPer.com Readers!

Many of you know that I’m a big fan of cable assemblies from ABR Industries. I’ve been a customer of theirs for well over a decade and I’ve never had one of their cables fail me.

I’ve hinted to ABR in the past that it would be great to have a sponsorship or affiliate relationship with them.

ABR came through this week by starting an affiliate program with QRPer.com and will give our community a 10% discount on any items purchased on the ABR website via our link and by using the discount code:  ABR10QRPER

I made a few suggestions of cable assembly types and standard lengths based on the ones I use the most and I feel others would find useful in the field. They created a page specifically for these options and the selection will likely grow with time:

Click here to check out the options.

Chuck, at ABR, notes:

“it’s important to use the 10% discount code under ABR10QRPER. It’s in the checkout section under coupon. The reason is if a customer buys other items they will enjoy the discount beyond these focused products.”

So there you go!

If you need something other than what is listed in this selection, ABR will help you find what you want on their website–just make sure you enter the coupon code for the discount!

Many thanks to ABR for setting up this affiliate relationship and discount code. You may note that I only have affiliate relationships with companies I trust and patronize myself. Very proud to have ABR on board with QRPer.com!

6 thoughts on “ABR Industries 10% Discount Code for QRPer.com Readers!”

  1. Too late for last purchase. I bought 200′ of 316 last week, and some antenna wire. Prices are quite reasonable for cable and wire. I just might break down and buy a prepaid cable – never have. Thanks for setting this up, and getting a few dollars yourself.

  2. Thomas, thank You for getting me interested in the Elecraft K2
    antenna. You said it works for You. I am attracted by the small footprint for field work, attracting little attention.

    The shortest counterpoise/radial i have seen recommended was 9′.
    Have you tried one that short? On the ground? suspended above ground?

    1. Hi, Armin,

      I assume you’re talking about the Elecraft AX1? If so, I’ve never used a counterpoise less than the 11′ one that comes with it. I could see 9 feet working if the counterpoise is coupled with the ground, but I’ve never tried that.


  3. I needed an assembly a few years ago, just before CQWW, and learned that ABR was local to where I lived at the time. I called, they told me to come on down and they’d make it while I waited. One of the owners gave me a tour of the facility while my cable/connectors was being put together.

    A few months later, we needed some RF cables made up for my work QTH – ABR to the rescue again. Quality products in all cases…highly recommended.

  4. Congratulations on the affiliation and thanks not only for the discount code but for your contribution to our hobby in so many ways. I just made a purchase from ABR Industries and before I completed the purchase I remembered (surprisingly) about your post on QRPer back in August and was able to use that. Very nice indeed to get quality products and share a discount with our fellow QRPer community.

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