Will the Yaesu FT-891 fit in the CP Gear Tactical Aircrew/Pubs bag?

Many thanks to Rick (K3RTK) who writes:


I watch your videos often and enjoy them thoroughly! Quick question : I really like CP Gear Pack Aircrew Bag that you reviewed on one of your recent videos. I was wondering if the Yeasu FT-891 would fit in the padded compartment where you are storing the 817. I know you now have a FT-891, but for reference, the 891 is about 2 inches deeper, 1/2 in taller and almost an inch wider. Thanks in advance!

Rick K3RTK

You’re not the only person to ask this question, Rick! Several people have contacted me to find out if the FT-891 will fit the CP Geat Tactical Aircrew/Pubs bag

The answer is yes. See the photos below:

In fact, the Aircrew bag fits the ‘891 with a wee bit of room in the padded pocket to spare.

Keep in mind that the FT-817 or FT-818, when outfitted with the Armoloq TPA-817 Pack Frame (see photo below), is actually a bit bulkier than the FT-891 without a pack frame or side rails:

I think the Aircrew bag would make for a very handy FT-891 field pack!  Thank you for your question!

5 thoughts on “Will the Yaesu FT-891 fit in the CP Gear Tactical Aircrew/Pubs bag?”

  1. I’ve thought about this as well – for a footprint not that much bigger than the 818 you have the chance with the appropriate DC source to punch up the 891 power as needed and take advantage of modern filtering. Most of the Bioenno batteries will support up to 50W output on the 891 (but not for very long!). And the 1ah draw on receive is certainly a bit more thirsty than our other QRP-specific rigs.

    You might be thinking of leaving it as a stand-alone field pack, leaving the radio in the pack during operation as you may with the 818 and rails, but without a rail system (which I think would make it impossible to fit in the secured slot) you lose the chance to have the rear connection standoffs. If you intend to pull it from the pack, though, this is a great option. Thanks for the write-up and pictures! The more I come here, the more things I find to tinker with on weekends.


  2. Nice bag!
    I could probably use that tomorrow, activating Oak Island in the Apostle Islands (K-0764 and W9/WI-041, an ATNO) tomorrow!
    QRP with the 6100 and TR-35; look for me on 20 meters, and maybe elsewhere, time & band conditions permitting!

  3. How well does it breathe? If you’re operating with the gear still in the bag, is there ventilation in the bottom, or do you need to run it at less than full power to keep it from overheating? I feel like my FT-891 has been very sensitive to this in the past.

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