QRPer Notes: Retekess V115 as a Speaker, Real Time Prop Map, and the Long Island CW Club Podcast

Because I receive so many tips from readers here on QRPer, I wanted way to share them in a concise newsletter format.  To that end, welcome to QRPer Notes, a collection of links to interesting stories and tips making waves in the world of radio!

Retekess V115… a versatile addition to a ham radio kit

Many thanks to Jamie (AA4K) who shares a video he made showing the Retekess V115 as an external speaker:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Real-Time Propagation Map

Many thanks to Andrea who notes:

[This propagation map is] based on WSPR, PSKreporter, DXcluster and other data:


Not a prediction, but based on real signals.

New Long Island CW Podcast

Our Premier Episode!

Is it hard for you to keep track of all the LICW Classes and News? Then dive into the “This Week in LICW” podcast, weekly with Duff WA7BFN and learn more about what’s happening in the club! Duff will talk about what’s new, noteworthy and all the things that are happening in the club, so you won’t miss out! So, If you want to be sure you understand everything that’s happening in the Long Island CW Club, don’t miss an episode!

Click here to listen via BuzzSprout.

Click here to join the LICWC.

7 thoughts on “QRPer Notes: Retekess V115 as a Speaker, Real Time Prop Map, and the Long Island CW Club Podcast”

  1. I loved this Post! The use of the Rekeless was cool. And I enjoyed the LICW podcast!

    Four Days in May, sounds fun! I can’t attend, but I’m hoping to see lots of video content from Thomas (hint hint)!

    de W7UDT

  2. I discovered another very handy feature of the Retekess v115… it can also record your qso’s while in auxiliary mode. A lot of handy features for a $22 external speaker… I mean digital recorder… I mean multi-band radio.

  3. I’ve been using mine for this for a while. Funny to hear I’m not the only one that feels it’s well suited to this. Works great with the (tr)u-sdx as well. The one I have is quite old, and is under the Tivdio brand, but still works great@

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