Penntek TR-45L: Adjusting the sidetone level

Many thanks to David (KQ4CW) who writes:

I received my Penntek TR-45L on Friday.

Just for your info: if anyone wishes to adjust the sidetone level there is a way to do that:

TR-45L Internal Sidetone Adjustment

The sidetone level adjustment can be accessed by removing the front panel assembly from the rear case.

First, remove the six screws that secure the panel to the rear case half. Separate the panel assembly and lay it face down on the table. Be careful with the interconnecting cables.

While operating the unit, adjust the sidetone level pot (circled in red) for the level of your liking. Reassemble the panel to the case rear. You may need to squeeze hard on the corners to make the panel fit. Be careful with the dress of the internal cables.

Thank you so much for sharing this, David. This is a very simple procedure and shows, also, how WA3RNC designed the boards so that the pot is accessible without having to pull apart the two main boards!

13 thoughts on “Penntek TR-45L: Adjusting the sidetone level”

    1. Click on the first photo. In your browser (desktop / laptop), press Ctrl and “+” several times to enlarge the image. All the pots have like straight slots.

      Pressing Ctrl and “0” restores the size.

      1. Thanks for your reply, and yes I did that but still can’t make out how to adjust it. It looks like a socket rather than something that can be adjusted.

  1. The PennTek’s are nice radios. I don’t own one, but I like the manual tuning features, the speaker, relatively compact size, and retro looks. RF gain is another nice feature.

    Great info!

    de W7UDT

  2. Thanks, David for the tip! Question for you, do you remember how long it took to get your notice to purchase the TR-45 after putting in your request?

    I have the green light to get one for my upcoming birthday, and was curious if their 6-8 week lead time is still accurate.

    I have a feeling that this radio is going to be highly sought after in the CW community if WA3RNC decides to stop producing them…

      1. Thanks, David for the reply. That’s not exactly what I was hoping for, but hopefully they’re selling a lot of them (and can catch up on demand)!

  3. I got my TR-45L last Friday and did the adjustment on Sunday. Instructions are on the last page of the manual. I found that a very small flat blade screwdriver worked for me to do the adjustment. Turn the radio on and TX to a dummy load while case is open. That lets you hear sidetone while adjusting.

  4. I got mine and it works great tho it does have a vibration sound when the volume is up that I think it’s from the metal grate covering the speaker. Thomas mentioned the sound in a vid from the fall. I haven’t tried finding it yet.

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