HRCC Livestream Saturday, February 18, 2023: We’re talking packs & bags!

Josh (KI6NAZ) over at Ham Radio Crash Course has (in what must have been a momentary lapse in judgement) invited me back on his Saturday Night Live Stream to talk packs, bags, and radios.

Of course, this being one of my favorite topics, I’m looking forward to it. That and Josh is a great host.

The live stream starts at 5:00PM PST/8:00PM EST on Saturday, February 18, 2023.

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2 thoughts on “HRCC Livestream Saturday, February 18, 2023: We’re talking packs & bags!”

  1. Hey Tom,
    I recently watched your ‘BAG’ presentation with Josh over on HRCC YouTube channel and was impressed with the diversity of bags you have and how you utilize them. With that many bags, I’d have to come up with a system to remember the contents of each bag.

    By the way thanks for informing me about RED OXX and Tom BIHN! As Josh puts it, my significant other is very interested in the RED OXX gear.

    Doing field ops with the Elecraft KX3, AX1 and Bioenno 12V 3Ah battery, I am on the hunt for a bag that will minimize added weight but also provide adequate space for radio gear and the usual day trip necessities. Suggestions?

    The reason for this note is to mention something I use in the field that you may be interested in. Have you heard of Rite in the Rain?

    Nehal, N3HAL who occasionally partners with me for POTA ops, gave me a Rite in the Rain 4×6 top spiral notebook. Since then I have been using it for my POTA field logging.

    Rite in the Rain has a diverse list of products but I think Rite in the Rain sells a specific item which may be of interest to you. The Side Spiral notebook is sold as a kit which includes a protective bag the notebook. The item number on the Rite in the Rain Web site is 973-kit.

    Here are a few Rite in the Rain product benefits as listed on their Web site:
    • Permanent ink writes through water, sweat, grease, and mud without clumping or smearing.
    • Our scrappy notebook will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.
    • All-purpose pockets make it easy to organize your small field essentials and safeguard your notes.
    72 es 73 de KE2YK

    1. Hi, Gary,

      Thank you. Yes, I’m familiar with Rite In The Rain products. In fact, my log book pouch is a Rite-In-The-Rain product and I keep one RITR notepad inside for those rainy day activations. Their products are amazing. Thank you for sharing this. I’m planning to order some of those spiral bound notepads next time.


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