André’s All-Season Yaesu FT-891 Go-Box

Many thanks to André (PY2KGB/VE2ZDX) who writes:

Hi Thomas!

I’m writing to share my idea for a cheap and easy to build go box. It’s not for a QRP rig, but the concept can be applied for the ft818, for example. Check out this YouTube video:

I’ve been operating under snow with this box, in “ninja” style.

Because if I wait for it to stop snowing here I’ll do nothing for 3 months, hehe!


You may know the RadioSet-go boxes, but if you don’t here’s something you’ll love:

Best 73

Thank you for sharing this, André! I love how this box can so easily be altered in order to work in snowy/windy conditions. As you say, if you’re doing POTA in Québec in the winter and are waiting for the snow to stop, you’re not going to get outside much! 🙂

3 thoughts on “André’s All-Season Yaesu FT-891 Go-Box”

  1. Thanks Andre’!

    I like to see how other hams organize and deploy their gear.

    I have a iCom IC-7000, that I’ve paired with an Elecraft T1 tuner. It really needs it’s own case, with a battery, speaker & various sundries.

    Mounting using Velcro seems to be the best option, using a flipped mounting bracket.

    The case is also a question… I like cheap, yet well made.

    Thanks again for showing your ideas. 72 Andre’

    de W7UDT (dit dit)

    1. Thanks for the kind words!
      I would like to build a box like K9LAF did (look at his qrz page) but it’s more expensive and requires many tools I don’t have. But I’m very happy with this one, it does the job very well specially under the snow and wind (which is basically what we have here most of the time during the winter).

      I’m trying to come up with something similar for my ic705 but it would be over kill. I bought a camera bag where I can carry everything for the 705 already.


  2. Thanks Andre’.

    Great job and I especially like how you kept it cheap. Too many bloggers an YouTubers seem to have unlimited funds to spend on their gear. I’m retired and on limited funds so I like going the cheap route. Improvise, experiment and enjoy is my motto.


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