PackTenna linked 20/40 meter EFHW in stock (for the moment)

Update (one hour after publishing this post): It appears they’ve already sold out again. Sorry! I’m sure more will be produced in the near future. 

Last night, during a recording of the Ham Radio Workbench podcast, George (KJ6VU) noted that he had just replenished stock of the Packtenna 20/40 End-Fed Half-Wave.

This particular antenna has a tuned 20 meter radiator and an additional 33′ of antenna wire finished off with strain loops and gold banana connectors. To operate on 40 meters, simply plug in the additional wire and connect the strain relief loops to the supplied S-Hook clip.

These antennas are made in batches and sell out very quickly (indeed, during the show recording George sold nearly half his stock).  This morning, there are still a few left.

I mention this since I know a number of readers have been waiting for this particular linked EFHW to be in stock again.

Click here to check the PackTenna linked 40/20 EFHW.

7 thoughts on “PackTenna linked 20/40 meter EFHW in stock (for the moment)”

  1. I’d like a single antenna for 20/30/40, the bands my SW-3B and KX-1 have (I don’t think I have ever used 80m on the KX1 outside of the shack). The idea of a LINKED EFHW bothers me a bit though, so I thought as a compromise I might try the Par End Fedz 20/30/40, but two things bothered me about that; you have to tune the antenna yourself, and to get 30M, you have to remove a shorting plug. I’ve decided on the QRPGuys trapped EFHW for 20/30/40 ( I am hoping the efficiency and performance are good enough for a single antenna, even though it looks like I will have to tune it a bit using the included tuner. There isn’t much in the way of youtube videos out there on this antenna (unlike the 500 videos showing how to assemble KM4ACK’s EFHW). I hope it is easier to tune it a bit using the built-in tuner than it would be to bring down the antenna to couple or uncouple extensions. We’ll see. If any of you have experience with that, please let me know. Thanks. 73. Pat N0SHU.

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