Rich’s easy-to-build and incredibly affordable Field Clip Board V 1.0

Many thanks to Rich (KQ9L) who writes:

Hello Thomas,

I’ve attached couple pictures of V1.0 of my field clip board. I’ve been searching for the perfect clipboard to use in the field. The main requirements of the design include: lightweight, low cost and the flexibility to allow a comfortable operating position while securely holding a radio.

What I came up with is a based on an inexpensive fiber board clip board:

I chose to set it up somewhat unconventionally and designed it to use the clipboard “upside down”.  Setting it up this way provided ample space at the top to mount the radio while still providing room to attach a metal pad mounting point for paddles.

The radio is held securely in place with craft 3mm elastic bands. The bands were made with metal “toggles” so I can easily add more holes to the clipboard to accommodate varying rigs.

The metal pad is just a stick-on metal plate purchased from Amazon. I plan to add a leg strap in the future and will do so once I’m sure no other major modifications need to me made.

I’m pretty happy with the way the clipboard came out and would appreciate any comments or suggestions!


This is brilliant, Rich! I love both how affordable this board is and how easy it is to build. Having the clip at the bottom of the board is a fantastic way to secure your logging notebook as well. 

Thank you for sharing!

9 thoughts on “Rich’s easy-to-build and incredibly affordable Field Clip Board V 1.0”

  1. Great tip – Thanks indeed for sharing.

    Rich can an you give us some info on ordering the elastic bands and particularily the metal stick on plate? Did you cut the plate to size or did come that way?

    Pete WK8S

    1. Pete,

      I have obtained some elastic rope on Amazon, can get in many diameters. For this of course need small, maybe 1/8″ dia. Cut to length needed.

      I am sure Rich can give more good info.

      73, ron, n9ee

  2. Might add rope hold down for keyer paddle, place where best position. Or could use screw thru the board.

    I would also add something for securing the power and antenna coax, dont rely on the rig securing it.

    Clip board is excellent idea, maybe get one for 11×14 paper.

    73, ron, n9ee

  3. Simply brilliant! So simple, I wished I’d have thought of it.

    I’m going to make one this week. I’ll add a neck lanyard, or a leg strap. Thanks Rich!

  4. Hi folks, here are the build materials with the exception of the clipboard which I had laying around at work:

    1) 1/8″ nylon elastic cord

    2) Metal “barbs”

    3) Metal plates:

    I think you could probably use the elastic nylon without the barbs and just make one continuous loop through the clipboard, but that would make the knee board slightly less adjustable. Good luck!


  5. Thank you Thomas for sharing Rich’s idea, will work on it soon. I have the clip board, just need the straps. Or maybe your board you used will come available soon.

    Merry Christmas
    Fr Richard

    1. Kent,
      Staples and Office Depot/Max have 6″x9″ clipboards but only in plastic/acrylic. I have long used one for portable/mobile logging purposes, but certainly not as elegantly asRich’s method.

      73 es HNY

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