Jim’s Elecraft KX2 leg mount

Many thanks to Jim (WU3K) who writes:

Hi Thomas,

I recently came up with a new way (for me) to hold the KX2 when I am out in the field.

The set-up utilizes the Side KX KX2 mount and the RAM Body Mount for Legs.

This set up does a pretty good job for me.



This is absolutely genius, Jim! Besides the leg mount looking like a excellent solution, the Side KX mount could then be used for other mounting locations either at home or mobile!

Thank you for sharing!

12 thoughts on “Jim’s Elecraft KX2 leg mount”

  1. What is the choice of portable chair used here? This whole idea assumes that you’re going to be hiking to a distant or significantly elevated spot to set up and don’t want to carry a table or find a rock or whatever to hold the rig. So if we’re going to do this then what ate those who try this going to be sitting on? It will have to be as ingenious and as light as the leg mount for a whole transceiver and key. Please advise.

    1. I typically don’t like the extra weight and bulk of bringing a chair. Unless you’re facing deep, soft snow then just bring a 3’x3’ square of plastic sheeting cut from a contractor grade garbage bag, a small tarpaulin, or a small square of vapor barrier Tyvek-like material.

  2. Way nice, thank you for sharing. May be a solution I am looking at. The KX2 is such an excellent POTA/SOTA radio for me.

    Merry Christmas to y’all
    Fr Richard

  3. Oh, how excellent! Two great ideas for portable operation in one week, and both should be adaptable for my X6100.
    I was already getting ready to build Rich’s clipboard setup, which looks very functional and is also cheap; and now this! I was wondering about the little barbs on the elastic cord, but I see that he has posted all of the parts he used, so no worries now.

    To David’s inquiry above, my own choice is the Robens Geographic High folding stool which weighs in at 12.4 ounces and has held my 190 pounds just fine (so far!)

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