25% Off: Spec-Ops Brand Backpack Sale This Weekend

If you’ve been watching my videos and reading my field reports, you’ll no doubt have noticed that my favorite field radio backpack for SOTA and POTA is the Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E. Pack EDC.

This pack is made in the USA and is insanely rugged. Click here to see more details about this pack and click here to see how I kit out this pack for field radio use. This pack (and this T.H.E. pack series in general) even has antenna ports built in!

I just received a promotional flyer from Spec-Ops and this weekend they are offering a 25% discount on all of their backpacks plus free shipping on orders over $200.

This is an insanely good deal. This means you can buy the EDC pack like I have for $134.96 instead of $179.95.

You must use the coupon code BESTPACK at checkout to claim the discount.

If I didn’t already have their full size T.H.E. pack, I would buy one in this sale. Tempted to buy one of their Reckon Rucks!

Spec-Ops Brand hasn’t had a sale like this in years. If you’ve been considering one, now would be the time to bit the bullet.

Click here to check out Spec-Ops Backpacks.

5 thoughts on “25% Off: Spec-Ops Brand Backpack Sale This Weekend”

  1. FYI, I just (12-10-22 @ 1PM EST) used BESTPACK successfully. Unfortunately, some of the stuff was out of stock (and not orderable at this time), but I was good with the “Coyote Brown” color (hopefully I won’t run into a Road Runner), so the order went through.

    73 Kevin K3OX

  2. I have similar pack, see them from many sources. I use one for my spare QRP gear, antennas, coax, etc, mostly carry for others at our events.

    But I dont do back packing, got to park with picnic tables and shelters.

    73, ron, n9ee

  3. Wow, just managed to get my order placed in the nick of time. I had to settle for the Coyote Brown as that was the only color in stock, but I’m cool with that. Thanks for the tip, Thomas! I’ll be doing a POTA drive-through of SC and Western NC over the holiday break, so this will come in mighty handy. 73, WD4EWZ.

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