How Paul logs while operating pedestrian mobile

Many thanks to Paul (W0RW) who writes with the following tip:

It is a little cumbersome to log your contacts while walking along the trail. For logging and a Dupe Sheet (used in contests) i use a small NFL Type Cuff Log.

You have seen all the Quarterbacks have their ‘Play List’ on their arm. They are on eBay at:

The NFL Play Lists (Cuff Logs) that are on eBay are
‘Read Only’, mine is a ‘Read/Write’.

You have to make your own to be able to write on it.

Mine is a little 3 x 5 card on a metal plate with 2 elastic bands that strap to my left arm.

The metal plate gives me a good writing surface.

There is also a little goose neck LED light that is clamped to the top for Night Ops.

The muff log winterized option!

Paul w0rw

Thanks for sharing this, Paul!

2 thoughts on “How Paul logs while operating pedestrian mobile”

  1. Thanks to Paul for sharing that! A great idea for /PM operation.

    I got a kick out of that carpet-remnant hand-warmer. Jim- W1PID- mentioned that his wife had knitted him a’ Morse-muff’. I mentioned it to my wife, and the two women got together on it. Sure enough- I now have my own Morse-muff for cold-weather operation. 🙂

  2. I really like the idea of the Wrist Coach. Admittedly, I still use a QCard for reference on my keying. It helps. They say: “A sharp pencil, beats a dull memory.” And with practice, eventually I’ll get there…

    Thanks for the tip, it’s given me some ideas. 72 de W7UDT

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