Photos from the 2022 Shelby Hamfest on the SWLing Post

Just a quick note: I’ve posted over 100 photos of the 2022 Shelby Hamfest over on the SWLing Post.

I find this hamfest to be one of the best in the southeast US if you’re in search of vintage gear.

Click here to check out the photo tour on the SWLing Post!

2 thoughts on “Photos from the 2022 Shelby Hamfest on the SWLing Post”

  1. Quick Silver Radio was the only vendor I saw on Saturday. I guess it’s not worth it for the mfg to show up anymore. I did enjoy looking around and found a few bargains. I remember a couple of friends camping in their 60s Volkswagen bus 40 years ago. Now I see $250,000 motorhomes. Times change. N4HNO

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