Yaesu FT-710 series on the horizon?

If you’re on any of the social media platforms and follow ham radio news, no doubt you’ve seen the photo above of a supposedly new Yaesu product: the FT-710.

The Yaesu FT-710 will cover 160-6 meters with 100 watts output.

There are two other variants: the FT-710M and FT-710S which are the Japanese market 50 and 10 watt versions respectively.

In terms of availability, DX-World reports that it’s scheduled to be released in late August 2022 and the price is still unknown. Click here for the source information (in Japanese).

I have no inside information from Yaesu about the FT-710, so I take this news with a grain of salt. That said, the information being shared here doesn’t look unreasonable and the prototype illustration looks legit.

The “late August” availability would conveniently coincide with the 2022 JARL Ham Fair.

I suppose the FT-710 would be a direct competitor to the venerable Icom IC-7300. I’m guessing this model’s price point will be somewhere between the FT-891 and the FT-DX10. It certainly appears to be more compact (weight is 4.5kg/9.2lbs).

If you’re like me, though, you’d love to see Yaesu release is a new QRP field radio! One to replace the insanely successful FT-817/818 series.

One can dream, right!?

29 thoughts on “Yaesu FT-710 series on the horizon?”

  1. This is typical of the Japanese Domestic Market

    Release radios at the Convention or coincide with the Salaryman Bonus schedule

    The 7300 was available as a 100, 50 and 10 watt radio as well

    Fingers Crossed

    1. The 7300 was not available in different models based on power. It has a power setting that will allow you to adjust the power level to less than 100w. There was only one version of the 7300 and it was 100w max with variable output power.

      1. The IC-7300, like most radios in Japan, is offered in 100w, “M” (50 watt) and “S” (10 watt) version to meet Japans Post and Telecommunicatons Mnistry Ham license level requirements, and because all mobile operations are limited to 50 watts…even on a separate “Mobile” license.

      2. The IC-7300 is still available in Japan in 100W, 50W, and 10W versions. https://www.icom.co.jp/lineup/products/IC-7300/ Maybe your market has different offerings.

        100W can only be a base station (2nd Class license and up)
        50W is the maximum if you want to use the radio portable (3rd Class license and up)
        10W is for the lower level license classes (4th Class license and up)

        All Japan made radios conform to these power level offerings.

        It’s complicated, but explained pretty well here: http://www.motobayashi.net/callsign/enigma/index.html

  2. Good Morning Thomas. It would be great to see an FT891 successor with a TFT screen as well

  3. So I recently acquired an 817, and have really enjoyed it! I’m all about new things. I also realize the popularity of the ic-705 and the need to be competitive, but when you got something that works, you should improve on that design I’d like to see a 10w version with a tuner built in, the t1 tuner isn’t that much larger than the radio as it is. I think the height of the radio could be increased to allow for a tuner to be incorporated, along with possibly more battery and a line added to the screen to include a clock……..a clock, why does Yaesu not want to have the time on the display??????? 991 does but the FTDX10 doesn’t and I don’t see one on the 710.

  4. A replacement for the 817/818 would be a neat trick given its success because of the ultra compact size. Can a replacement be successful without a large screen and full bandscope? Icom has apparently done it.

    1. Esa serie a muerto olvídensen de nada nuevo para eso ya estaba el 891

      That series is dead, forget about anything new, for that there was already 891

  5. I’m with you Thomas…… Yaesu, please be a leader again and introduce a truly portable qrp rig that would build on and further enhance your fabulous 817/818 rig. Some features I want include built in filtering, ability to run on an enclosed battery pack, built in atu, HF/VHF/UHF all mode, memories, ability to operate as a handheld (ie KX2/X6100) and a bright, colourful waterfall display. If Yaesu was able to produce the ground breaking FT-817 20+ years ago, surely this should not be beyond the realm of possibility. Produce something that would compete with Elecraft and would cater mostly to the SOTA/POTA group. In other words, produce an even better, smaller Icom 705! 🙂

    1. I think a colourful display would be a minus point. I’m using a TX500 for portable, and its monochrome display is far clearer than any of the colour displays that are crammed into small rigs. I would love to see a proper replacement for the FT817/8 from Yaesu with everything else you suggested!
      73 de M3KXZ

  6. Hmmm, I think they need to address some of the issues w the FTDX10 type interface to hit a home run with the rig. From what I’ve seen it is really a price point radio and not really w much meaningful innovations, Thomas you are correct, prob an attempt to capture some of the IC7300 market.

  7. It is time to update the wonderful FT991A, this one appears to be about the same form factor, though it is missing VHF & UHF.

  8. Yaesu hasn’t had much economic incentive to bring out a new 81X – they still sell all the 818s they can make, looks like. You know they have plans for something but I wonder if, with the 705 still fairly new, continued buzz around Xiegu, not much happening on the Elecraft front . . . Perhaps they’re just waiting for the dust to settle a bit but they can’t stay on the sidelines forever. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see teaser ads for something new early 2023 with a roll-out at Dayton next year.

    I’d love to see a pared-down 891 with 10W / ATU in that rugged 818 form factor. Figure out a way to get a modest internal battery in there and I’d snag one in a heartbeat.

  9. This looks quite interesting, but I’m disappointed that it only goes as high as 6 meters.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think a real game changer would be a technician-specific shack-in-a-box, a rig that would allow technician licensees to squeeze more out of their privileges. My dream rig: 4 or 5 bands (10, 6, 2, 220, 440), FM and SSB, wideband receive, SDR-based, dual VFO, 50 watts, mobile-friendly design, built-in sound card so as to be digital mode ready (including packet and APRS), built-in tuner for 10 and 6, and in the $500-600ish range. There are so many techs (and their non-US equivalents) out there, I can’t imagine Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, or Xiegu wouldn’t be able to find a market for something along these lines.

  10. I’m with you, Thomas! I would love to see a modern Yaesu that would be a worthy successor to the FT-817/818. They are workhorses and I don’t know that I would sell mine, but I would love to have the possibility of QRP all modes all bands including C4, along with a capable tuner in a small form factor. I haven’t been tempted to buy an IC-705, but I would go for this radio we are all dreaming of.

  11. If the FT710 is small and portable like the FT817/8 it would be good replacement for them. So many have been asking for this for a long time. FT817/8 is 90s tech requiring adding IF narrow filters for like CW. Old tech. I do love my FT817 I got in 2004.

    The FT710 would not be competitor of the IC7300, IC7300 is a full featured 100W large base rig, not portable and not for activity like POTA.

    The fT710 would be more of a competitor to the Icom IC705 except I am sure the 100W version would require a good power source, large battery if portable. But at 10W would be reasonable. I guess the 100W version would just be longer out the back, but I cannot see Yaesu having a 100W rig like the FT710 competing with their FTDX10 which would have similar features.

    73, ron, n9ee

    1. The FT-710 is slightly LARGER than the FT-991A. It is a mobile FTDX-10. 3.15H x 9.4W x 9.3 D

    2. No compiten solo es su hermano menor .como el 101 lo hizo con el dx10

      They don’t compete, it’s just their younger brother, like the 101 did with the dx10

  12. I think that this is a ft-450d killer to stop 2nd hand 450d’s from damaging their own market share. I suspect a cost reduced 991/a or similar.

    Unless they are planning internal batteries for an sdr luggable, which, after the ft897’s disappointing sales, is unlikely.


  13. Is this a solution looking for a problem? I’m not sure where it fits. I would rather see an upgraded FT-818. Turn the 891 into a QRP rig. Take out the amp and add a tuner and/or a battery. Redo the FT-897D. That was a popular radio. I have friends that still use them. The Xeigu G90 is proof that folks like 20 watts. I guess we have to wait and see.

  14. The FT710 at almost 10lb, 5 times that of the FT817/8 I doubt it will be a replacement for the FT817/8.

    More of a smaller FTDX10 at 13lb or fT991 at 9.5lb.

    Now I am not really sure what the FT710 is going to replace.

    73, ron, n9ee

  15. Shoulda/woulda/coulda…sorry guys. Yaesu already has this radio in mass quantities ready to be shipped to your local Yaesu dealer. They will do what works best for THEM. Not to say they do not care; but the die is cast. de WB9DBD, Marc

  16. looks stop-gap, not evolutionary… not impressed enough to consider.. after the 817/8, the only true qrp rig for me now is the tx500 (dumped my kx2 in a heartbeat after using a tx500)

  17. I am looking forward to a new radio to replace the FT-857d. Bigger display with all mods and bands. Not sure why YAESU didn’t replace that rig with something newer and more advanced. We ended up with the 891. When a ham is in the car or truck a radio that has all mods and all band with todays Advanced technology would be in my mind a real leader. Just saying
    Ed N8LPQ

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