Server hiccups…

Quick announcement:

Those of you checking between about 6:00-11:30 UTC  the past couple of days may have noted that the site has been down and displaying the message: “Error establishing a database connection.”

Our host,, is trying to identify the cause of this and I’m sure they’ll sort it out soon.

Thanks for your patience!


5 thoughts on “Server hiccups…”

  1. I can connect again so I guesss they found it. I was already blaming the BT FW’s …. ..

    Thomas, quick question, did you write about someone making morse paddles which look like the palm paddles not so long ago ?


  2. Hi Thomas,

    It seemed to happen right when I was browsing via the tags section of the site. Could be just a coincidence of course.

    1. Yes, the host sorted it out they think. I didn’t completely understand what they described, but it sounded like they’ve got it fixed now. Tag search away! 🙂

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