Photos from the 2022 Milton Hamfest on the SWLing Post

Many thanks to Mike (VE3MKX) who has shared a large gallery of photos from the 2022 Milton, Ontario Hamfest.

Mike notes:

“The Burlington Amateur Radio Club organizes the event and confirms that they had 108 vendor spaces sold and over 475 general admin passed through the gates. A great day of meeting friends, lots of deals and smiling faces!”

I’ve created a gallery of 132 images that can be viewed on our sister site, the SWLing Post.

Many thanks to Kevin (VA3RCA) and Mike (VE3MKX) for taking and sharing these excellent photos!

Click here to view the full gallery on the SWLing Post.

2 thoughts on “Photos from the 2022 Milton Hamfest on the SWLing Post”

  1. Great pics! I intended to drive down as it’s less than an hour away but couldn’t make it. Great to see the RAC booth with president Phil McBride VA3QR, in one of the photos. Hopefully next year!

  2. When I attend a HamFest and have a selling table I often set up a QRP station using my HamSticks back to back as small dipole on 20m.

    Dont get much operation, but is fun and attracts other QRP operators.

    73, ron, n9ee

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