Xiegu G106 and D90: A few pre-production unit photos

I’ve a friend who works with a number of radio manufacturers including Xiegu. He recently took delivery of the new Xiegu G106 QRP transceiver and a Xiegu D90 USB-Radio Interface.

Based on the photo above, the G106 is even more compact than I originally assumed.

These are the accessories included in his G106 box:

Looks like the same cables and mic included in other Xiegu radio packages.

He also took delivery of the new Xiegu D90 expansion card:

Note that these units are very much early prototypes and don’t even have serial numbers. Nonetheless, he plans to take the G106 to Field Day today–I’m looking forward to hearing his report.

8 thoughts on “Xiegu G106 and D90: A few pre-production unit photos”

  1. Cool.

    There are several videos of the G106 on Youtube,

    Since I have an X6100 as well as a G90 I m going to take a wait and see on the G106 for now.

    I am curious why they went back the the ‘G’ prefix after introducing the ‘X” prefix with the 6100.


  2. I am guessing that batteries might not be included to make shipping safer.

    5w is ok for CW and data modes but sometimes you really need 10watts. It’s a shame that the x5105 can’t do that on external power.


  3. Wow that’s really compact. One thing I like to see in a rig is a tuner. However, with this tiny package I’m sure it’s not feasible. Only Elecraft seems to get a wide ranging tuner into a fairly small package.
    At this point I’m waiting delivery of my Venus SW-3B so following the G106 posts are just for entertainment purposes!
    Let’s hope this turns out to be a fun QRP rig.

  4. It is not cheap, is it ? I’d rather go for a G90 which is hardly 100€ more expensive and has 20Watts. It is less small but has far more to offer then the smaller G106.


  5. No TX on the 60m band, according to the specs on the website. This is probably about £100 too expensive when you consider their other offerings. Sorry. It’s a no from me.

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