The Elecraft T1 Protection Case by Tufteln

Long-time reader and supporter, Joshua (KO4AWH), runs an Etsy store with a wide range of products primarily designed for field operators. Over the past few months, Joshua has sent me various prototypes for feedback and also to test in the field. You’ll see some of his antennas in upcoming field reports and activation videos. I’m very impressed with his designs.

If you’re an Elecraft T1 owner, you should be especially interested in his T1 Protection Case.

Joshua sent me an early version of this clip-on case several months ago and it immediately replaced the simple cover I printed from a Thingiverse file. (To be clear, the Thingiverse case served me well for a couple years, but I prefer this one since it doesn’t require a rubber band to hold it on the T1.)

The Elecraft T1 is a hearty little ATU and I don’t worry about damaging it while tucked away in my SOTA pack, but the little buttons on the front are prone to be pushed with any amount of applied pressure. This can result in unintentional operation which can accidentally place it in bypass mode or at least shorten the life of your 9V cell.

The Elecraft T1 is not an inexpensive station accessory and, at the moment, they’re about as rare as hen’s teeth. The lead time on new T1s is counted in months rather than weeks (at time of posting, this is due to vendor board issues).

The Tufteln Protection Case simply snaps on the Elecraft T1 and protects the BNC connectors, ground point, and the front panel buttons.

The case material is durable and adds very little to the bulk of the T1.

Of course, you can’t operate the T1 with the case around it because the BNC connectors are covered, but I have propped up my T1 on the case while using it on rough concrete picnic tables. I’d rather the case be scratched than my T1!

If you own an Elecraft T1 and don’t have a protective cover, I’d encourage you to either print one, or buy Joshua’s T1 case. For years, I simply removed or reversed the 9V battery to keep the T1 from engaging while packed, but that doesn’t protect the buttons and (frankly) it’s a pain to pop the battery out and flip it for each use (then to remember to flip it back when packing away).

The Tufteln case is a simple and affordable ($16.50) solution!

Thanks for sending this to me, Joshua. I dropped my T1 while setting up my TX-500 for Field Day and it protected my favorite little ATU!

Click here to check out the Elecraft T1 Protective Case on Etsy.

13 thoughts on “The Elecraft T1 Protection Case by Tufteln”

  1. Thank you for the remarks Thomas! I know there are some readers outside of the shipping areas setup for the etsy shop. New shipping areas are added on a request basis. Please contact the seller (me) to add a new country for shipping and I will see if I can get it setup. You can contact me through the Etsy store or KO4AWH at


    1. Ha ha! As one of my buddies often says, “J’enable, donc je suis.”
      (I enable therefore I am.)

      Ha ha!

  2. Awesome! I purchased one of these a few weeks ago!! A perfect addition to protect the T1 and now I can toss it in the pack knowing it will be protected!

  3. Thomas, I have had one of these as Joshua sent me one of his earliest productions. This is an outstanding little case and I highly recommend purchase!

  4. Good stuff.
    i added a few BNC rubber gaskets over the T-1 BNC connectors for water protection. When it is really going to be wet i put the T-1 inside a small plastic bag with the connectors down.
    Paul w0rw

  5. I ordered one for my T1, but would rather see a complete cover as we get for our cell phones and digital voltmeters. Covers sides and back.

    Also on the site read what one really gets, so many of the ads show items that are not included in the sale. Have to read the description carefully.

    73, ron, n9ee

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