Richard recommends the Phoenix QRP Pocket Transmatch

Many thanks to Richard (M0RGM) who writes:

Hi Thomas,

Hope this email finds you well, and thanks for all the recent blog updates and videos.

Like many other QRP ops we sometimes need an ATU or matching unit. For a while I’ve been looking for a small compact unit for use with my QCX-mini, MTR-3B and TX-500. I was sorely tempted by the Emtech ZM2, but they are quite expensive over here in England, especially as I’m awaiting delivery of a Venus SW-3B!

After much research I stumbled on the Phoenix Transmatch sold by Kanga Products. Paul, the proprietor, sells quite a range of quality QRP goodies. Having purchased the assembled device (work gets in the way of construction these days), I can say that this is a really good lightweight model that suits my purposes fully. No, it doesn’t have the tuning range of the ZM2, but I rather hope my antennas are not too far out of resonance!

For size comparison, see the attached photo taken whilst playing in the sunshine….

For anyone interested, the web details can be found at

I have no connection with Kanga other than being a satisfied customer!


Richard M0RGM

Thank you for sharing this, Richard. I love the size of Phoenix Tranzmatch–I was not familiar with it. It would be a great additon to pretty much any field kit. I see you also have the N6ARA paddles–I think they’re great!

It also sounds like you, too, have a QRP radio addiction. I hope you realize there’s no cure, so don’t fight it! 🙂

Thanks again for sharing this, Richard. 

9 thoughts on “Richard recommends the Phoenix QRP Pocket Transmatch”

    1. Both the link in 2nd paragraph and the one under the photo worked find, both went to same page.

      Thanks, tuner does look good.

      73, ron, n9ee/r

  1. Thanks to Richard for his short review and Thomas for passing along! What sweet little tuners….

    I just love these little QRP kits. I’m going to order either the desktop or the pocket transmatch.

    Brent VA3YG

  2. Wonderful, thanks for the info Richard and thank you Thomas for this venue. I use a ZM2, it was given to me when I ventured into the world of QRP……


  3. The Kanga Pocket transmatch is excellent. It tunes extremely sharp and the LED is very bright. You just can’t beat the size. Paul the owner is very responsive and helpul….so much so that he recently responded to a question I sent him while he was lying in a hospital bed!

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