Any experience using the FT-818/817 CQHAM TB-BOX?

Many thanks to Motters (M7TRS) who writes:

For some strange reason I stumbled across something on eBay for the FT-817/818 as I am still looking for my first HF setup.

Anyway, it’s a tuner and battery pack for a 817/818 and when I saw it I wondered if you knew about it. (partner link)

YouTube video demonstration:

[Update] And this video:

Thanks for the tip, Motters. I was not at all familiar with this pack. I do like the simplicity of the setup. 

The price is certainly right at $179 US.

There are so many FT-817/818 owners out there, I’m very curious if anyone has any experience with this particular pack and if you can report on the overall quality. Please comment!

9 thoughts on “Any experience using the FT-818/817 CQHAM TB-BOX?”

  1. I have seen some videos and it looks nice but no experience.

    I do want to state my opinion for Motters. I think that a QRP rig is not a good choice for a first HF transceiver. The low power can result in fewer contacts and end up frustrating a new ham thus turning them away from the hobby. I hate seeing new hams give up because they can’t make contacts.

    If you are using it primarily for SOTA/POTA than it is different as other hams are actively looking for you.

    That is my two cents. Now I will cower in the corner and wait for the attack.

    1. No attacks here, Marshall. 🙂 I don’t allow for that sort of thing on my site. If people want drama they can go elsewhere. 🙂

        1. Great. I enjoyed the last one on tuners.

          Even though I have made my decision I would still love to see, a comparison video between the 5105 and the 6100.

      1. That’s good news Thomas.

        I knew I t could be risky bashing QRP on a QRP website. LOL.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love QRP but it isn’t the right choice for everyone or everything. I have two QRO radios (7300 & 891) an almost QRP radio (G90) and a QRP radio on order (X6100)..

        I have a long range plan and every radio or accessory has a place in that plan and sometimes multiple places. He plan gets adjusted as new options come on the market but I don’t make any impulse purchases. Every purchase has been well planned.
        I’m as meticulous about the plan as you are about your backpacks and packing. I’ve learned a lot from you and been forced to make some adjustments to the plan after reading your blog and watching your videos. Thanks for all you do

  2. Plans, oh ya, I shud have a plan!
    I guess I do, though sometimes it goes here and there. I’m not too gud at planning antennas so, my plan is to figure that all out, someday, maybe.

    Thanks Thomas and Marshall for the reminder.

    I have always been a 100w type, though lately the plan has been portable QRP. And y’all are helping me with that plan.


  3. Hi I am seriously thinking about getting one of these I would love to see how it performs good luck with the hiking and talking Video

  4. I have one of these tuners and absolutely love the integration of the tuner and power supply. Also I love the cover it comes with (it is very well made and real leather) and the fact that it has a front connection to utilize the front antenna jack on the radio.
    I also own a Z817 tuner and I much prefer the TB-BOX. The only improvement I made was to the telescopic antenna which was constantly falling over on the pivot. I put some brass shim stock in the joint and it tightened it up nicely. I will also be getting a piece of plastic tubing to slide over the antenna so it can stand up straight.
    I’ve found that the antenna I got with the tuner works great on 2m fully extended and 440mhz fully collapsed.
    I think this is a great kit overall with good battery life.

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