New Xiegu X6100 V 1.1.2 firmware addresses a number of known issues

Yesterday, I received the following notification from Radioddity regarding a new firmware version for the X6100.

I mentioned that I’ve purchased an X6100 and it’s en route to me now. It was dispatched prior to this new firmware being made public.

It addresses a number of outstanding issues:

  • Improved battery management
  • Functional CW message memory keying (thanks for confirming, Scott!)
  • Improved noise reduction functionality in CW mode
  • CW decoding algorithm improvements
  • Added hand mic button functionality
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements
  • Many more…

I’m looking forward to this improved functionality–especially CW message keying and battery management.

Honestly, though, I don’t look forward to the time it’ll take to do four full charge/discharge cycles, although re-reading the notes perhaps this simply means to operate from the internal battery until fully dis-charged, then recharge and repeat three more times. It’ll make timing for re-charge awkward during field activations, so I might try to complete this at the QTH in advance.

Full announcement and version notes via Radioddity: 

New firmware version information is as follow after upgrade:

APP : V1.1.2 Jan 17 2022,16:31:45
BASE : V1.1.2 Jan 17 2022,15:44:18

Note: This upgrade is important. Please read the following details carefully.

2022.01.17 Upgrade Log | CLICK HERE to download.

1. In-machine coulometer is enabled to manage battery cell. After the upgrade, the battery capacity, rather than battery voltage, measured by the coulometer is taken as management data. Precautions are as follows:
1.1) After upgrading firmware, please fully charge and discharge the battery for successive 4 times, after which the measurement of the coulometer will be accurate.
After just upgrading the firmware, the error of electric quantity displayed is large before the 4 charges and discharges as mentioned above, so it can be ignored. The charging process shall be kept continuous until the charging instruction indicates it has been completed, which is conducive to the accurate measurement of the capacity by the coulometer.
1.2) The status of the upgraded charging indicator light is as follows:
Flashing: charging
Normally on: charging completed
Off: once the charging option is disabled in the menu, the indicator light will not be off.
1.3) When the electric quantity is below 10% after the upgrade, the battery icon is displayed in red with an empty interior, and the device will automatically shut down.
1.4) Battery voltage is no longer taken as the basis of low power.
2. Parameter adjustment in GEN menu is changed to non-circulating, which can be switch by rotating the large knob to left or right.
3. DFL menu logic is fixed. Press other menus to exit after entering DFL menu.
4. Preset message transmission function is added (available for W, PS and RTTY).
5. CW decoding algorithm is adjusted.
6. Start screen is changed to LOGO+model.
7. Bluetooth device connection logic is optimized (there has been feedback about poor compatibility with Windows 10/11 64bit drivers).
8. The problem that label of axis X scanned by SWR does not upgrade is fixed.
9. The bandwidth of first group of filter of SSB is widened to 50-2950Hz(2.9k).
10. The problem of save failure after adjusting the filter is fixed.
11. Indicator string under AGC mode is simplified to AGC-A,AGC-F,AGC-S,AGC–.
12. Indicator string ‘FIL-X’ of current filter bank is added, which is below VFO frequency.
13. LSB-DIG and USB-DIG strings are simplified to L-DIG and U-DIG.
14. Hand microphone button function is enabled.
14.1) SPCH/LOCK: short press=lock/unlock larger impeller; long press=none
14.2) TUNER/CALL: short press=switch on/disconnect automatic antenna tuner; long press=enable automatic antenna tuner
14.3) XFC: short press=switch VFO A/B; long press=copy VFO from foreground to background
14.4) V/M: short press=switch VFO/MEMO mode; long press=none
14.5) MW: short press=save VFO to current channel number; long press=none
14.6) MODE: short press=LSB->L-DIG->USB->U-DIG->CW->CWR->AM->NFM circulation; long press=none
14.7) FIL: short press=FIL1->FIL2->FIL3 circulation; long press=none
14.8) UP: frequency+stepping position under VFO mode; next channel under channel mode
14.9) DOWN: frequency-stepping position under VFO mode; last channel under channel mode
14.10) F1/F2: allow setting custom functions in RADIO SETTING2
15. Standingwave meter fluctuation under no power and low power conditions is fixed.
16. Maximum output power under external power supply condition is improved.
17. System startup sequence is optimized.
18. NR algorithm is optimized.
19. System data structure is optimized.
20. Display screen backlight adjustment level is optimized. There are 5 levels available when using battery and 10 levels available when using external power supply.

26 thoughts on “New Xiegu X6100 V 1.1.2 firmware addresses a number of known issues”

  1. I upgraded the firmware yesterday. I charged the battery and then turned on and left it on until it turns itself off. Rinse and repeat. I haven’t played with any of the new features yet. I figured I would get the battery thingy done first.

  2. I was not able to get it to send my stored CW messages. If that works, it’s not as intuitive as sending the voice recordings becuase I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe you can tell us how that worked. When I press the button, nothing happens. I also noticed that when you goto record voice messages the speaker still feeds back so you have to turn the volume down before recording your messages. I also noticed that if you hold the hand mic an inch or so away from your mouth like you typically would and you record you message, when it is transmitted it is very distorted. I had to hold the mic about a foot away from my mount to get a recording that was clearly transmitting. You can no longer play back your recordings after you record them like you could with the previous firmware.

    1. I press one of the top buttons, one by PRE and on display says “memory is empty” or something like that as if trying to send one of the CW messages, but cannot find. I only need the memories for CW for dont work SSB.

      Xiegu still has some work to do with the firmware. I am on my 2nd upgrade, did latest of 1/17 yesterday.

      Also cannot figure out how to get the rig to decode CW, I think it does this, was in the G90. I dont use, but just like to see it.

      The upgrade is a good step in the right direction, but more is needed.

      73, ron, n9ee/r

    2. hi folks – yet I could not transmit CW via keyboard for qso too even get message buttom on air. RTTY and BPSK can not used for on air qsoing.. Any experence out there?
      V1.1.2 Jan 17 2022 App/Base

      1. Why the hell it repeats only one time a CW message?
        I need it in a loup. With QRP sometimes some minutes or more.
        I have to klick everytime the Button again…that´s bad 🙁

        By the Way, be very careful with the phone and key jackets, inside they have just 4 or 6 *very* small solder points. If you put it in a bag with phone jacket, it will be easy destroyed.
        The 6100 is great, but it has it´s quality issues. I wouldn´t have a problem to spend the money for a 705, but its just to big and unhandy for my portable actions outside.

  3. Just received my x6100. Will the latest upgrade cover all previous upgrades or do I have to do each one in order. Thanks for your videos Thomas. I watch each one and copy the cw in my head. Bob NG4R

    1. Hi, Bob,

      Thank you!
      To answer your question: you only need to apply the very latest firmware version.


  4. I also upgraded to the new firmware and very pleased that we can now store CW messages and can send them out. The other major fix I was happy about was the NR does not distort on CW signals. The only other thing I’m waiting for is BT audio to work from a headset.

    I’ve fully discharged my battery twice so far and then charged up again, so I’m half way there.

    So glad yours is on its way!

    72 Scott

    1. Scott,

      Can you tell me how to force the CW memories to send. I also did upgrade, programmed some of the memories, but have not been able to get the rig to send a CW message.

      73, ron, n9ee/r

      1. Hi Ron,

        I am in the process of depleting my battery with the upgrade. When it’s completely discharged and charging again I will look to see what I did to get it working. I believe you are also in some of the Xiegu FB groups. Send me a message on there and can work directly with you on getting it going if you’d like. 73 Scott

      2. Here’s the simple instructions to get CW sending from memory to work:

        Push APP button and select ‘Modem’, then Mode for CW, then hit the ‘Msg’ button and it will start sending your memories.

  5. What are you guys doing to send the CW messages? It seems like it should be as simple as pushing the CW memory button that I labeled with my callsign.

  6. That looks exactly what I tried. I may do a factory reset as I had my messages entered prior to the update. Maybe they need cleared and re-entered

  7. I got my X6100 2 days ago and have found that the amount of modulation is less than 30%. Is this correct? My G90 is greater than 85%. Anyone checked this yet?

      1. CW, and sidebands have great modulation but AM has no indication of modulation on X6100 display, o’scope, modulation meter or spectrum analyzer. Internal and hand held mic adjusted from 10 to max gain. Monitor radio (G90 and President lincoln 2+) no am sound herd. Freq set for 28.500 on all radios. Carrier is received on all radios but no audio. Has anyone checked The radio on AM? All reviews have been for SSB , Digital and CW. Have not found any for NFM and AM.

  8. I was able to get mine to send the CW messages this evening. I set the Modem for CW and then went into the messages and they sent. If you don’t go into the modem first they won’t send. That just seems like they should have been able to make that work a little easier.

  9. Question:
    Why RIT is at GEN and Radio Settings2? Thats stupid. Can i program it to get it on one of the front or upper Button maybe?



    1. You can assign RIT to the multifunction knob.

      In the “Radio Setting2” menu, with the RIT highlighted (it is by default at present since it’s the first item), simply press the fourth multifunction button below the screen and directly below the little icon with a check mark in a box.

      Once you press that button, the RIT will be associated with the multifunction knob so you can adjust it without going into menu settings.


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