New Xiegu X6100 firmware adds WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

The X6100 WLAN configuration screen.

Many thanks to Radioddity who sent me the following note this morning:

We released new [Xiegu X6100]  firmware, which adds BT & WiFi function.

    1. Added WIFI function
    2. Added Bluetooth function
    3. Fixed the bug that can not save the user-selected filter group(1,2,3)
    4. Optimized the ALC algorithm and corrected the problem of power rise slow.
    5. Optimized the system settings.

For more details, please check this blog below,

New Firmware Update Guide:

2 thoughts on “New Xiegu X6100 firmware adds WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity”

  1. On am and NFM the X6!00 has no modulation when power is set above 2 watts. Has anyone else tried the radio on AM and NFM. I am using an o’scope, spectrum analyzer and to radios (G90 and President Lincoln 2+) and do not see or hear anything except a hum from the X6100.

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